1080 P Best 5 Budget Graphic Cards For High End Gaming In 2017 Under $250

So you are a gamer and to explore some High End Games you now require a Graphic Card for your PC/Laptop. Before buying a VGA Video Card there is a lot to consider. Check out which PCI Graphic Card to buy that will provides value for your money.

If you are looking for Cheap Price GPU or mid range USB 3d graphics card then this might help you picking one, be it a dedicated one or an integrated one.

Top 5 Competitive Gaming Graphics Video Card In Range $200-250

For a great competitive gaming experience you do require a a powerful Video Graphic Card (GPU) so that you can play games like CS: GO, DOTA 2 and other Latest Titles at optimum settings without any lag.

Here is the list of top 5 GPU video card at cheap price for your Desktop PC/Laptop, some of which will let you play games at 1080p. My personal best AMD to begin and then in no order of preference check out from Nvidia.

#1 : AMD Radeon XFX RX 480 (4GB)

Designed to give the best performance at mid-range, as promised earlier by the AMD you may surely go with this one. It provided 2 time the performance per watt with it Polaris architecture.

RX 480 comes in 2 variants of memory. These variant include 4GB & 8GB so as target 1440p gaming & it does deliver a godd gaming experience. Both the PRO PC Gamers & Casual gamers have choice to opt according to their budget.

Radeon RX 480 supports Async compute & thus runs superb on DirectX 12 (DX12) as well as Vulkan. If we talk about it’s efficiency, yes it is better than it’s predecessor. It only consumes half the power than the previous version and thus twice more efficient.

When it comes to heavy gaming titles like GTA 5, the 4GB variant seem to be a little slower than it’s brother 8GB. Otherwise both perform well. A good driver optimization can increase its lifetime.

#2 : EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 TI SSC

Even before its release, it was in tech rumor that GTX 1050 will give a tough competition to RX 470. But guess what, the rumors gone all wrong. However it is rather came out to be a better replacement  for GTX 960, which is nvidia’s very own video card at low price.

It is built on Pascal architecture on 14 nm FinFET (not 16) process technology as in 1060 (16 nm FinFET) on GP 107 graphics chip & comes with only 4GB variant.

If you are entry level gamer and this is perfect Graphic Card for you to buy in 2017 at low price. If we talk about power & efficiency of 1050 Ti, it is around 5-10% faster when compared to GTX960

If you will compare it with RX 470,it stands nowhere as the former is 15-30 % than the latter. But the thing that make this difference is the cost price of both these Video (GPU) Card price.

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#3 : Asus Strix Rx470 4 GB

ASUS Rx470 Video Card uses a slighter lower version of Polaris 10 chip and is probably the one of the cheapest of all in this category. It is made to provide you 1080p gaming experience at a cheaper price as compared to RX 480.

Strix Rx470 comes in 4GB & 8GB variant and support Dx12 and Vulkan out of the box. Compared to 8 Gbps on Rx 480 it has 7 Gbps bandwidth.

To offer you a great performance company built it on Polaris architecture and makes it more efficient. When compared to its upgraded version 480x it seems to slower. A lesser cloak speed & compute unit makes it 10-15 % slower.

Overall, Rx470 is best for 1080p gaming at this price and has a great value for money. It almost offer same / equivalent performance as 480x but at a cheaper price.

#4 : Nvidia Gigabite Windforce Rx 460 2GB

Play all classic as well as modern games @ 1080P at rate 50 fps with Rx 460, which is direct successor to r7 370. It was launched with the arrival of Pascal architecture and fitted with powerful & efficient Polaris 10 chip which also uses 14 nm FinFET process

Good for entry level gamer, it gives a good competition to GTX 1050 & comes in only 2GB variant. Rx 460 is a little bit slower than its competitor but stands out when we talk about DX 12 & Vulkan.

#5 : AMD Athlon 5350 APU

If you are looking for more cheaper option for good performing Graphic Video Card, then it is Athlon 5350 you are looking for.

It 4 Cores which runs at speed of 2.05 GHz . on 1366×768 settings you can play games at 60 fps. Consumes a low power and thus CPU remains cool.

Overall it is not that good for High End gaming but yes a good performing GPU for entry level games at lower settings.

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You checked some of the best selling & high performing powerful Gaming Graphic Cards under a budget of INR 12000. And it is clear that that this price range has built a competition among the makers. And competition among competitiors (makers) is win-win situation for the gamers. You got options to choose the best Graphics Card for 1080p gaming at a lower price. If you have make your mind then go for it.

What do you think is the best Graphic Card under this budget of $200-$250??? Do tell us below in the comment section.

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