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Amazon’s Echo Dot Gen 2 Speaker Working Features Best Price To Buy In India

So you are Techie Guy. Then you must have seen the Amazon’s Echo Dot second Generation Alexa Speaker. The same whose Christmas stock was sold out just before Christmas (LOL). Now it is in stock and you may grab the offer & Buy This Echo Dot Alexa Speaker 2nd gen. Check out special features of this gadget below in page.

Amazon’s Echo Dot Alexa Bluetooth Speaker Special Features

This little speaker through its looks, itself redefines perfection and contains all the power of Amazon Alexa in it to deliver high performance for extensive use. It is a compact size gadget that can be placed anywhere in the room without being noticed.

What Is It For ??

Well, Echo Dot is a hands-free, voice-controlled device which can play music on demand, can stream music from from Amazon Prime Music, Pandora and Spotify and can even play podcasts from podcasts from iHeartRadio or TuneIn.

Not only playing is its work it can also control smart home devices, provide information, read the news from any source, set alarms for you, and much more. It can hear you from far across the room with 7 far-field microphones and can respond even while playing music or in noisy environment.

You may also connects it to the speakers or Headphone or using Bluetooth or 3.5 mm stereo cable.

You must be wondering all these things are performed ?? Right ?? The here is the answer, all these various activities are performed using Alexa. Now What Is This Alexa ??? Read Below

Working Of Echo Dot Using Alexa

You must have heard Siri, the voice assistant software. Wait,You should have seen the guy commanding to “Siri” in the Apple Commercial and it performing the job for him.

Yes, the same is “Alexa” for Amazon. It is Amazon’s cloud-connected, voice-activated virtual assistant just like Siri. You can wake her up by saying her name i.e. Alexa. You don’t like the name, here are two more options you may use for same purpose “Amazon” or “Echo.” Echo Dot contains an array of microphones inside, which keeps on listening always.

As soon as it hear ‘wake’ word Alexa starts to record whatever you speak next & send it off to Amazon’s servers through cloud. The server figure out, what are the words about for and then tells Alexa how to respond and after listening to which Alexa respond to our voice accordingly. All this happens in seconds.

Echo Dot Get Smarter Itself,How ??

Yes, it is True Echo Dot get smarter itself. All thanks to the voice app named “skills“. The 3rd party voice apps which are around 3000 at present & increasing rapidly, help Echo Dot keeps on getting smarter itself.

A skill called The Wayne Investigation lets you talk your way through an exciting mystery set. You can browse all set of “skills” in the Alexa app and then from there you can pick which of them you wants to enable.

You can order a Pizza from Domino’s using The Domino’s skill. To tell Alexa to call you a ride, Uber and Lyft skills can be taught. Not only this you can also taught it to make credit/debit card payments. For this you can taught Alexa Capital One skill.

All these Features made it “Stock Out” as soon as it arrived at Amazon Store. Now what are you waiting for (Stock Out ??) Order One for yourself.


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