Android Go : All You Need To Learn About It

In recently held Google I/O 2017 event, Google made several new announcements. A lot of them includes updates to the existing apps and services which Google already offers.

One one of the interesting announcement was which is Android Go. Some new advancement in Android Go was also announced and the beta version for Android O operating system from Google is already available to download from the developer beta program. So if you have eligible device for Android O you can get it from there. ow let us know more about Android Go in this article below.

What Is Android Go & What Are Its Benefits

Before talking about Android Go,one question for you all. Do you still remember Android One?? Not Really. Right ?? Actually Android One was actually Googles initiative to bring the more affordable smartphones to feature Android OS. And to carry on this initiative Google has announced this Android Go initiative.

Though Android One & Android Go are not actually the same and have differences. In layman terms, Android Go it is like a new version of Android which will be much more lighter than the stock Android (Usual Android OS), so as to support and runs smoothly even on the low-end entry level affordable (Low Priced) smartphones that are being manufactured & launched in countries like India.

For now Google haven’t give a big clue about Android Go & its availability, but it will start to feature on new devices very soon. But you can learn a little more about it here and see then what it could be and should you be excited about it.

Android Go A New Light Version Of Android OS Full Info

All the upcoming Android smartphones launching with Android O or later OS version with 1GB RAM or less will come with the Android Go configuration, as-announced by Google.

And this configuration (Android Go) is nothing but a kind of config that will make it easy for the devices with low-end specs like Processor, RAM, data etc to run Android OS runs smoothly & works better. Means devices with even lower specs can use Android OS without lag.

What Is Android Go Full Info Details Features how & why helpful

For this users will also get real-time data management options in Settings. Also the API for this will be provided to carriers so that they can integrate it properly. Beside this, Google also stated that many existing android apps will be made to run on Go configuration.

The company says that,if you are a developer who is willing to develop for devices with Android Go config you have to consider the ‘Building for Billions’ guidelines. Which includes lot of things into consideration like devices with limited network connectivity, low use of available hardware resources, etc.

When Will Android Go Devices Will Be Launched & Available

According to Google, the first Android Go devices will arrive in 2018. So let’s see how it will actually go and will the project be that stable than Android One. At least in India we are hoping so and yes if it happened it will help many users in India who can’t afford to buy even a middle budget smartphones.

So what do you think of this initiative & announcement from Google ?? Will it be successful ?? And are you excited about it ? Do let us know with your comment in the below section.

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