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Best 7 Merry Christmas Day Party Games ~ Best Xmas Eve Games For kids

Check out the best 7 Christmas Eve party games for fun and entertainment for kids. Xmas celebration party games to play and make your party more interesting. This might not be the best Christmas website for kids but you may find these games very interesting. Check out the article below.

Best 7 Christmas Eve Party Games You Must Play In 2016

Best 7 Christmas Eve Party Games You Must Play In 2016

Christmas is a big festival of Christians which is celebrated all over the world.  It is a day to commemorates the birth of lord Jesus. The annual festival is celebrated on 25th December not only by people with Christian belief but also by other religion people.

During the festival people go to church to prey. But we simply can’t imagine the celebration without a party. People made great arrangement of Christmas celebration party and they start preparing for it days before. Many of them arrange a Theme Based Xmas celebration party.

In Christmas theme based party every thing in party is based on Christmas theme. Be it decoration, be it Dress Code or Be it food. All enjoys party with some great music food and drinks. But if you are planning something unique then you must try these Best 7 Merry Christmas Day Party Games.

Merry Xmas Eve Party Games For Kids

1-) Balls In Santa’s Cap : In this game you have to try to put ping-pong balls in to the Santa’s cap hung upside-down 3 foot away in one minute. The one who will put maximum balls will win, it is as simple as that.

2- Christmas Memory Games : Keep ready with 15-20 items of Christmas for eg. cake, cookies, ribbons, small balls, bells, small wine bottles, x’mas tree, a snowman, santa hat, gloves etc. Place all these for sometime in table for half a minute.

3-) Stars On Christmas : In this game you have stick as many stars as you could to a given picture in one minute. But during the game player is blindfolded. Now Pass paper and pen to all the players and ask them to write these things on paper in one minute. The one who write maximum will win.

4-) Merry Christmas Paper Slips : In this game a player has to open up as many slips as he can in one minute, nut what’s in the slip ?? Yes, paper slips will be of two types, one with written “Merry Christmas” on it one just blank. Keep the ratio 1:2.

5-) Jingle The Bell : It is game which would be loved by all kids. Blind folded players have to catch the players ringing bell.



6-) Dancing Santa : This is a funny game in which player has to dress up like Santa while dancing at same time.

7-) Dress Up Like Santa : Split the party guest in two groups. Now each player has to dress up with over-sized Santa dress one by one. The first player will dress up using all the things given to him as Santa and then he will remove Santa’s dress as fast as he can so that the next player can start dressing up and so on till the last player dresses up.

Try These Best 7 Merry Christmas Party Celebration Games

you will be definitely entertain with these games in your Xmas evening party. Do share with your friends and LIKE & SHARE our FACEBOOK PAGE & SUNOBAWA.XYZ Also check more article on Christmas and History of Santa Claus.

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