Top 3 Best Ways To Renew You Car Battery~Methods To Reuse Any Dead Battery

Have you ever felt that what if you could bring back life to a dead batter of your car, auto, truck, or any small or big battery you have. What if you can recondition any car battery by yourself at your home ?? You must have thought of it at some point of life. And why not ?? who wants to pay those big bills every then & now.

Check this article on, can you really recon your old dead car battery life ?? and if yes, then what are the methods /ways  & process to recondition or rejuvenate old damaged battery & easy & simple ways to fix your car, bike, Auto, truck battery or any electronic product like Laptop battery, solar energy system battery in your home and by your own.

Best Working Ways To Recondition Old Dead Car Battery~Fix & Repair

First let’s talk about the truth behind battery reconditioning & question is that, is it for real ?? and can you really rebuild a dead car battery or can repair any old dead battery and make it work again like new with 100% recovery ?? So the answer for this question is given right below.

The answer is yes you can recon your old dead damaged car batteries. If not 100% you can revive 70% or 80% of your old battery life back, at least.  The reason for only 70-80% backup of your old battery is damaged & bad battery cells. Not only the car batteries that you can repair there every other battery you may recon and reuse by applying suitable methods and make it re-live again.

So what we know now ??? You don’t need to throw your old dead & damaged batteries and there is no need to replace them with a new one by paying hundreds & thousands of dollars. Not only you can renew your battery but also you can even sale re-builded damaged batteries & start a Battery Reconditioning Business near your locality. And once you know how to recondition batteries & you would not ask How to Start A Battery Reconditioning business easily ? And this thing isn’t that hard but simple as 1-2-3. Check below what kind of batteries can you recondition.

What kind of Batteries Reconditioning Is Possible~AA AAA

The renewal of most commonly used primary (non-rechargeable) & secondary (rechargeable) batteries is possible.  These includes AA, AAA & other different size batteries. You can renew your NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride), NiCad (Nickel Cadmium), Lead batteries, Lithium Ion Batteries. Means you can recon Auto & Deep Cycle (Marine) batteries.

All the above listed batteries are used in our day to day life or in factories daily. We use batteries in vehicles like Cars, Bikes, Golf Cart, Autos, Trucks, forklift. Coming to gadgets there we use Laptop Mobile/Smartphones, and yes we spent a hell lot of money on them without knowing how much they are costing us (Just Calculate Once). Check below how to recon a car battery or laptop or smartphone battery.

battery reconditioning methods renew old dead battery

How To Recondition Dead Car Battery With Ease & Reuse It


So here are some ways to recon your old car battery which no longer works for you. But remember the fact that you can only revive the 70 to 80 percent of it and make it almost new. First, Check below how to recondition a Hybrid Card Battery and why it get died.

How To Repair Car Hybrid Battery

So asking generally, What does the term hybrid means ?? Yes, of course it means anything made up of combining 2 or more different elements. Right ?? And same is the case in Hybrid Car Batteries. In hybrid cars there generally there is a use of two or more distinct types of power supply,such as internal combustion engine plus electric motor.

If in your hybrid car, battery gets damaged for whatever reason it be, bad cell in car battery or any other reason you can replace it if it is in warranty. But most f the time it is not the case as most of the time these Hybrid car batteries works good in their warranty period and can last up to 200.000 miles. So how to recon the hybrid car electric vehicle battery like Tesla, Toyata Highlander,Toyata Prius,Honda Insight, Ford Escape ??

One thing that you should know about electric vehicle batteries is that they are made of some modules containing some cells in each module which are connected in series & together produces a high voltage. Some cars may have more while some other have less modules. For eg . Tata Prius has 28 of these modules with 6 cells of 1.2 volt in each that produce a nominal voltage of 201.6 volts.

So when your battery got damaged it is not actually damaged. There are only some modules that gets damaged. When you give to the manufacturer they will just replace those damaged modules and will sell it again. The good thing is that you can also repair these modules or dead cell of car battery. With this you can not only save hundreds of Dollars but also make hundred of dollars and it all depends on you.

So what are things you need to rejuvenate your old dead battery & bring it back to life again almost new. Here is the step by step guide / method to recon your car battery.

What Are The Things You Need To Repair Your Car Battery Or Damaged Modules In It : For the below mentioned method you require distilled water, voltmeter, battery charger and syringe . Lets get started.

  • First of all remove the battery & rubber that is there to protect the caps. Now remove all the caps as well.
  • Fill the battery with distilled water. Now recharge it without caps. After charging it for 1 hour you would see the bubbles on the holes.
  • If you can’t see any bubbles just reverse the negative and positive wires and wait for 2 more minutes. Now you should see the bubble. Now put the wires in correct positions and charge for another half an hour. Your battery will start working again. OR Try The method Below
  • You can try to replace the old acid from the battery with a new one. But mix it with the distilled water first. Now charge it for some more time 1-2 hours. After this your car dead battery will be ready to work again.

Method 2 :

Another 100% Proven Method to recon your old dead car battery is provided below in the video. Check how you can use it to repair old car batteries & dead cells in it with the help of below video.

battery reconditioning best methods at home
Working Method To Repair old Dead Car Batteries

In our next article we will tell you about recon your old dead battery with the help of Epsom Salt or by putting aspirin in the car battery. We will tell about is it a myths or it does work perfectly ?? We will also provide articles on repairing the Laptop & Smartphones batteries so stay tuned with us.

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