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Check What Beautiful Gift A Woman Sent To PM Modi From Bihar & Got Words Of Encouragement

PM Modi who has a great Fan following in our country and also in the whole world. We know how dedicated he is towards his and how hardworking is he.

But there are some fans who want to please him by sending some special gifts to the PM. A same effort was attempted by a woman from Bihar and response that she received from the Prime Minister Modi himself was amazing. Check below what special gift was given to PM Narendra Modi by this woman and who is this woman.

Bihar Woman Gift Narendra Modi A Specially Made Basket

A woman who hails from Samastipur, Bihar recently gift a basket to Mr. Modi. And PM Modi after receiving this gift praised the woman and appreciated the gift. So what was so special about this basket ?? read below in the article.

Actually this lady is Gita Devi who is 50 year old housewife, made this basket from garbage and plastic waste. Bt she never thought to gift this basket to Modi Ji until her step son Manoj Kumar Jha saw her work & encouraged her to parcel the same to PM’s office.

Basket PM Modi Got From Bihar Woman Sample Pic

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She parceled it to PMO but had never expected a response from the PM. But PM praised it by saying many positive words. He said this can be a great initiative and help to government’s Swachcha Bharat Abhiyan and also to small-scale industries. It will reduce plastic garbage and will be an excellent step towards environment protection, he added further. Read the exact wordings below.

“The idea of using plastic litter to create beautiful products is amazing. This is not only useful for the ‘Swachh Bharat’ campaign but also has vast potential for small-scale industry.”

After getting such a positive response and words of praise, she expressed her feeling with utmost joy and said, “I am very happy that Modi ji has replied to me,

Ramchandra Jha, husband of Gita and a farmer by profession said that for now this skill of converting waste products into beautiful things is only a hobby for her (Gita) but now when she has got a encouragement words by the PM himself they are confident to take this to next level more than being just a hobby.

But while doing so he also mentioned the financial problem and said “Now that we have got encouragement from none other than the prime minister, we feel it can be done. But we lack money to do any business. May be if we get a loan, we can do this.

Well this is really a great effort from this lady and we should also try something like this to protect nature and use it for our benefits so that future generation can also utilize its resources.

So what do you think of this effort of her creating new things from waste materials & garbage ?? Do tell us your views on this. The comment section is provided below this post. You can also suggest some idea also.

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