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What Does BS-3 & BS-4 Means & How It Will Help Reducing Pollution~Check Here

The Supreme Court after repetitive calls has finally banned the sale of the vehicles that complies old BS-III norms. No Two-Wheeler Motor Manufacturer or dealer would be able to sell the BS-Motor Bikes or Scooters or any other commercial vehicles from 1st April.

The order from Supreme Courts came as a boon for the people n India as they got able to book the old BS3 vehicles at a very huge discount. Almost all two-wheeler manufacturer are offering big discounts & Free Insurance & Helmet Offers to attract the customer till 31st March 2017. But have you wondered about the BS-III & BS-IV terms ?? What are they and what do they mean?? If not read below to know all about these less known terms.

BS-III Vehicles Info Details Full Form & Meaning

So BS is simply the abbreviation used for Bharat State. So BS-3 vehicles stands Bharat State III vehicles. But what does this actually mean ??

Basically every country have adopted some norms of emission standards that controls the air pollution. In India, the government has also set up the emission standards in order to control the air pollution that comes out from the internal combustion engine of the vehicles. So BS means Bharat State & they are nothing but the emission standards set up by Indian Government to control the air pollution.

In India almost all Car manufactures uses the BS3 fuel /engine & only 39 cities had the BSIV fuel available till 2016. The cities that comply vehicles with BS 4 Engines are NCR and some other cities.

The first emission norm were implemented for the Petrol vehicles in the year 1991 followed by diesel vehicles in 1992. In The year 2005 & 2006 BS 3 norms were introduced & implemented in NCR and some other cities.

India is far behind from other western countries as those countries have implemented Euro 6 also. They implemented Euro III in between 2000-2005, Euro 4 in January 2005, Euro 5 in September 2009 and Euro 6 by September 2014. If we talk about India the BS III was completely implemented all over India in the year 2010. You may read the Difference Between BS & Euro rules or emission standard at

What New Vehicles Will Be Fitted With To Comply BS-4 Norms

From 1st April 2017 no 2 wheeler or 3 wheeler vehicles would be sold if it doesn’t comply with the BS-4 norm. According to which manufacturers will have to fit an evaporative emission control unit, which should lower the amount of fuel that is evaporated when the motorcycle is parked.

These applied norms to new vehicles may decrease the pollution but with the improved technology & higher fuel prices the consumers have to pay more for the 2 wheeler & 3 wheeler vehicles.

Updated: March 31, 2017 — 6:40 pm

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