BSF Jawan Revealed Bad Quality Food They Get | Watch 3 Videos

It is these security forces who make sure that we sleep peacefully by protecting us being sleepless all night and that too in worst condition of weather. They don’t even care about the weather condition while doing their job. But during their duty they must get at-least good of quality food, right?? but check out below their actual condition.

BSF Jawan Alleges Bad Quality Food  They Eat In Video Gone Viral

A BSF Soldier, from 29th battalion in Kashmir has posted 3 videos about their difficulties of life in border. This soldier’s name is Tej Bahadur Yadav.

In his first video he said, “From morning to evening we work, standing in all weather conditions. No matter the rain, no matter the snow, in all conditions we do our duty, but neither the media nor any minister pay heed to our problems.

He sad about how they are not fed with good quality all because of corruption at top levels. He blamed senior officers and not the government for all this. He posted 3 videos in his Facebook profile which gone viral.

All he wanted that, media to highlight the requests and conditions of Jawans so that everyone can be aware of bad condition of their living. Moreover, he has also requested the PM to interfere.

Check Out Videos BSF Jawan Posted On Facebook Revealing Bad Food Quality

You can clearly see the type of food they get. He said “This is breakfast – one burnt parantha and a glass of tea…no butter, no jam, no pickle…” he says in one video. “Can a jawan do his duty with this kind of food? Share this video as much as possible and take our message to the government. Jai Hind!”

Rajnath Singh Sought Details Regarding These Allegations

After the video being shared over various social sites and came into notice of all others,Home minister Rajnath Singh sought a detailed report from the Border Security Force (BSF) on allegations of substandard food being served to soldiers. He tweeted,

So what do you think of the living conditions of our soldiers who are serving the nation day & night ?? Should they be served such bad quality food

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