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CarryMinati Indian School Boy Earning With You Tube

CarryMinati Indian School Boy Earning With Yout-Tube : After BB Ki Vines the You Tube channel that is getting Hits and growing with great pace is CarryMinati. So Who is CarryMinati ?? What is CarryMinati ‘s actual / real name ? How Much is Carry Minati Earning / Making With You Tube channel ? What type of You Tube Channel it is ?? From Which state he is ? all these questions will be answered here.

CarryMinati -Ajey Nagar Why So Popular ? ?

CarryMinati is a young YouTuber who is gaining popularity on You Tube for his official You Tube channel named CarryMinati. The channel is all about roasting of other YouTubers who are already famous or some who makes Shitty Videos. His concept is unique and thus gaining hits and Lakh of Subsribers in such a short period.
CarryMinati No Of Subscribers Till Date

Carry came into lime light after one of his video in which he roasted owner of Fastest Growing You Tube Channel in Asia, yes “BB Ki Vines”. He made a roast video of Bhuvan Bam and uploaded it in his You-Tube channel. The video was really liked by the viewers. Not only this he earlier made a Roast video of another popular channel from India called All India Bakchod (AIB). In between, he also made some roast videos of Avi Gujjar (Singer/rapper), Pardesi Girl ( Girl From Australia Who runs Reaction channel), Bhim Niroula (Singer & Music artist), PPAP (Singer/artist), Taher Shah Angel Song and some others which made him so popular.

Face Behind CarryMinati ~ Real / Actual Name Of Carry

CarryMinati all information real name and face behind carryminati

So behind this channel and content creation is a School Boy from Faridabad who loves playing Games (PC Games). CaryyMinati actual / real name is Ajey Nagar. He started making videos and start uploading them from 2008. At that time he made videos of Playing Football, Football Tricks etc an upload them only for fun. In 2014 when he thought he could really make videos of good quality he started his You Tube Channel with Name CarryDeol. As in his starting days he used to upload only Gameplays Videos with commentary in Sunny Deol voice. Soon he realized to make use videos which are already popular but not that of good quality to be on You Tube. He started editing videos and begins to give commentary on those videos. Commentary basically is his review on those videos. While he Talk with you in video he doesn’t use face-cam instead he added twist in it. He simply edit the videos with his game-plays which is something unique and viewers also likes it.

In many videos he doesn’t revealed his face until he makes collaboration video with Nazar Battu boys (another popular You Tube Channel). That was the first time carry revealed his face Not to mention he also roasted them in his earlier video.

CarryMinati Popular Videos On YouTube And Why He Got Banned On YouTube

He mostly starts his video with “Kaise Hain Aap Log” and after introducing himself and whom he gonna Roast he just starts with review on video whatever he thinks about it after watching it all day and Thinking about it all day. He often use abusive language but he doesn’t mean it actually. For using such abusive language he has flagged by other You Tubers and get 3 strikes once. Getting Strikes is kinda Copyright Violation Objection that are made by other You Tubers to protect their content. Carry added few small clips of other you tubers which he was roasting in his video. Some take it seriously and Striked him. 2 strikes were made by Bhim Bhim Niroula (Mentioned above) and 1 from other channel as competition fight. He get it sorted with Bhim and saved his You Tube Account from getting banned. If any one get 3 strikes on his Yoy Tube channel and within a week he doesn’t take necessary action by removing the copyrighted content his channel get banned by You Tube. Not only this he has faced other difficulties too. Some of his videos get Age Restricted, that means that video will not be appear on search and will not make any money with You Tube. He said he has no enmity with them and it is just for a fun.

How Much CarryMinati Earning With You Tube ?

At present has crossed 3 Lakh Subscribers and moving constantly near to 4 lakh Subscriber. He is aiming to get 1 Million of them. His future plan is to take this interest forward and making more videos. His Subscribers is increasing rapidly. So how much does carryminati (Ajey Nagar) earn in real from YouTube / What is his Income ? Answer is Probably in his You Tube channel description in which he has written On description of his channel he has written “I AM A PERSON WHO INSULTS PEOPLE FOR YOUTUBE MONEY YES I AM RICH I HAVE 2 FORTUNERS”. I don’t know whether he actually have 2 of those or single one but he is going viral for sure and surely he will have if not I Guess. If you haven’t watch any of his video just go to You-Tube and search CarryMinati there. If you love them Subscribe to his channel and also Connect with CarryMinati on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram also.

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