OMG !!! Cost Of Modi’s Favorite Fountain Pen Is…. Lakh Check @ Sunobawa

Did you know the cost of the Pen that PM Modi use ?? NO ? Check in this article what is the Price & brand of the Fountain Pen that our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi use in his office work. You will surely be surprised with its amount. Check the cost in INR & US Dollar.

Narendra Modi’s Pen Cost Price In Rupees (INR) & Dollar (USD)

Everyone in this world have different interest and have different habits. Someone’s interest is to collect Stamps while other like to collect notes of special series like the currency notes with ending code 786.And we all know how much one can spend to in one’s interest of collecting different things. For them it is their Hobby, their passion and everything to them.

Interest & Hobbies Of PM Narendra Modi

You must be aware that our prime minister has also a interest to wear costly clothes and designer watches. He is a great personality and often seen with his well cut jackets in bright colors and flaunts which has already created a unique style statement. Many other Political Leaders praised him for his unique style and also copies his style statement. But Do you know beside having a love for Designer Clothes and Watches, he has another interest ??? Yes. One of the hobby of Prime Minister is to collect premium fountain pens, mainly of Mont Blanc brand.

Well if we think of Pen while going for Tution or in school, wait we don’t even think, it is only after reaching to school we realized we haven’t bought pen for the last 2 weeks. It is only our friend or some girls who use to carry 2 of them give it to us to write, that we don’t even return. But jokes apart we merely spend (waste) Rs 5 or 10 on maximum for a pen. (I used to those colorful pens costing 5 for 2).

PM Modi loves to collect the costly pen specially of Monte Blanc brand. But you don’t know how much it cost and what is its Price ?? We will tell you that. The pen which he currently uses costs a whopping Rs 1.3 lakhs. Yes, you heard it right one Lakh Thirty Thousand INR that is around 1900 USD.

He possesses different brands of pens, but Mont Blanc always remains his favorite. So what say, are you among such peoples who have a different and a costly hobby?? Do tell us below in comment section. Don’t Forget to LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE SUNOBAWA.

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