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21 Years YouTube Prankster Crazy Sumit Arrested For Kissing Girls On Road

Now-a-Days YouTube has become a source to generate a good revenue. You just need to upload a video with a content that everyone wants to see. And while doing this people fall to such extent that they serve vulgarity for getting Million Views on their You Tube Channel and earn money with that.

YouTuber Crazy Sumit Got Arrested For Uploading Road Kissing Videos

Crazy Sumit, a 21 year old guy got arrested by the Police. He used to create prank videos. On one of his video he would kiss young women on the streets and flee, and after that he post videos of the ‘prank’ on social media.

Police said that accused is 21year old guy whose name is Sumit. He is a final year BCA, student of WCTC college in Gurugram. Although he is saying that it is only a prank video and for amusement purpose but some people found it offensive, as it’s no less than molestation.

Sumit Arrested For Uploading Kiss & Run Prank Video Upload

The guy who helped him in creating /  recording the prank video is identified as Satyajeet Kadyan, 23 years old. He is also under arrest.

Police Arrested Sumit raiding his house on Thursday late night. Police said “We tracked Sumit and Kadyan after examining the CCTV footage of a restaurant where they were partying a couple of days ago in Gurugram. On the basis of their identities, we finally traced Sumit’s address,”

What Sumit Told Police After Got Arrest For Molestation Video

After arresting, accused told police that he and his friend Kadyan played the ‘prank’ for gaining publicity on YouTube where he uploads video to earn money, and also claimed that the two girls who he kissed in the ‘prank’ videos uploaded in social media are known to him, and are his friends.

On this Police said he has denied molesting any women and they will now interrogate the women visible in the Prank Video.

Who Is Crazy Sumit & Why He Got Arrested For Video Upload

Sumit is actually a YouTuber who used to create these prank videos. His channel name is Crazy Sumit. He uploads videos of him approaching young women on the streets on some pretext and then running away after kissing them.

He has many subscribers and also received a Trophy for his channel. He has also uploaded an ‘apology’ video on the same channel, and said he uploads video for amusement only and has never thought that matter would be escalated to this level.

Why Crazy Sumit was Arrested Who Filed Complaint Against His Videos

Last week, a case had been lodged against the YouTuber under IPC Section 354 (assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty) and IT Act Section 67 (punishment for publishing or transmitting obscene material in electronic form).

He Has been released for now from Police arrest. After he explained to Police that the whole prank was pre-planned and the girls were not strangers but from their own friend circle. This young YouTuber claimed that YouTuber claims that he had taken permission from girls before shooting the video.

Sumit Earned Rupees 70000 From Kiss prank Video Being Deleted Now

Further he explained that main aim of shooting these prank videos is to earn money on YouTube. According to reports by TOI, Sumit claimed that he earned Rs 70,000 from the video, as it had got around 1 lakh views.

He could be arrested again for charges like obscenity in public places. It’s been almost one & half year he has creating these video pranks. For reaching to 1 Lakh subscribers he has also been rewarded by YouTube.

As of now, the cops have released them giving warning and the videos have been taken down, for violating the guidelines of YouTube.

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