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How To Earn Free Google Play Credits To Buy Paid Apps

So you are a frequent internet user and an app lover. You like to watch movies, and play games but you avoid the paid versions. Now there is no need to purchase your favorite apps & you can still enjoy all those apps.

Check in this article below how you can get the Google paid apps for free in your android smartphone. All yo need to do is help Google and in return they will give free Google Play Credits. Which in turn can be availed while purchasing the apps from Google PlayStore.

Earn Money/ Google Play Store Credits For Free

If you don’t want to lose money from pocket for paid applications and still want to use those awesome apps then Google Quick Surveys might help you. OK !! Clearing that you will not going to be a millionaire by taking these surveys but surely help you earn some extra money in the form of Google Play Credits.

All you need to do is answer some question in occasional surveys. For this you need to have android app called “Google Opinion Rewards” on your smartphone. It is available on Google Play(Search Now).

Google Opinion Rewards App For Free Google Play Credits

Once installed in your device you can use this app free Google Money. To earn money, you just have to answer simple and quick surveys. Each survey would not carry more than 5-6 questions. After completing which you will be awarded with Free Google Credits.

What Kind Of Survey Are These ??


Basically surveys can be of any type ranging from “Product Review”, “Service Review”, “Hotel Review”, “Location Based Survey”. The survey will be provided to you by companies which tied up with Google for Conducting Surveys.

What Type Of Questions Are Asked In These Surveys ??


The questions would be like “Which Logo is most appealing?”, “When you are going to travel on a tour next ?”, “Which promotional method is most appealing?” and more such questions.

How Frequent Will You Get Survey ?

You will only get survey occasionally. You must be aware all time for notification of a new survey available. And keep in mind always that surveys do expire after certain time. According to the product manager at Google for the app, the more honest you give your opinion the more surveys you will get.

In What Time The Surveys Expire ?

The survey you get will be there in app for a certain period of time. It is possible after 24 hours or a little more it would no longer be available. So be quick to complete surveys and it will also help you get more surveys which in turn give you more free credits.

How To Do Surveys ?

Well, you need not to worry about that. Once there is a survey available just open it from app. It will show you information like what the survey is about for eg. Shopping Behavior etc. Just proceed as asked and you will complete the survey in few minutes.

How Much Will You Earn From Each Survey You Take ?


After completing  the survey you will get free credits. Exact amount you will earn cannot be said as it depends on survey to survey. But on average you will earn anywhere between 10 cents to $1.

How To Avail Free Google Credits After Taking Surveys

Once you get enough credits, it can be availed purchasing paid apps, music, movies and games from the Google play store that too for free. People in Spain and Germany can also purchase books and magazines with these free earned credits.

Not only this you can also use these free credits for in-app purchase like some coins or characters kind stuffs. But it won’t pay your bills or do recharge on your phone.

The first time you open the app, it will ask you some basic questions regarding personal info or whatsoever. After answering these few questions which hardly takes 1 minute or two, you will be able to participate in paid surveys.

If you are a privacy geek and doesn’t want google to use your privacy then we recommend you to not use this app. actually the surveys you get is based on your web browsing habits. Google use the browsing data to provide you relevant ads of third party sites when you explore different website. As these 3rd party apps pays google for displaying ads, Google earns from it and give a part of this to you. If you still have any queries in mind regarding Google Opinon Reward App, you can read the FAQs here.

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