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Top 15 Best April Fools Day Prank Ideas Tips To Fool Friends & Strangers

Only few hours left before the 1st April or say it April Fools Day’ 2017. You probably have planned to play prank over your friends & dear ones. But if not, then you should be prepared for this day. You haven’t made any plan doesn’t mean that your friend is kind. He must be making group with your common friends to pull your legs on the very first day of April 2017.

So check out here some easy & popular pranks tricks ideas for the April Fool 2017 or All Fools Day Ideas & tricks.  On the Fools’ day you can play prank on your girlfriend-boyfriend or crush, Husband-Wife, Brother-Sister or any other family member or relatives. Check here 15 easy ways to make fool of strangers (Person Whom You Don’t Know) on 1st April Fools’ Day.

15 Easy Prank Trick Plans & Ideas For 1st April Fools Day

Even the TV Media, Social Media News & Newspapers Dailies also used to create hoaxes among its readers by publishing some false news stories.

This is a light hearten day and one can play some harmless pranks or practical jokes for laughter. It is not meant to hurt someone’s feeling.

If you are having any chaos what prank to play here are some very easy & simple 1st April Fools’ Day Prank Tricks Ideas & Ways to fool your friend, colleague, Boss, family-relative or some stranger. Below are provide some ways to make fool (Bewkoof Banane Ke Tarike) in Office, College, Schools or workplace that may help you to get an idea what kind of prank you can make.

Simple Easy April Fool Prank Ideas In School Office For Teachers-CoWorkers

April Fools Day Simple Prank Ideas Tricks For School Teacher  In Pictures Images

Quick Easy Fool Day Prank To Play On School Teachers & Friends

  • Just use your Black Board in front of class & write something witty or simply Happy April Fool’s Day Teacher.
  • Call Your friend to his favorite food destination for a treat. Do I need to tell What Next ?? You Clever….
  • Run A rumor that due to financial crisis your school is going to be closed from this year among school kids. They will do the rest.
  • So you hate your Maths Teacher ?? Create another rumour with your friends that he will no longer be part of your school. See what happens when it reaches to the teachers.
  • Put a sticker “Happy April Fools’ Day” to your teachers back. It would be a great fun. But be careful !!
  • Put a Happy April Fools Day Chit into your friends register or Teacher’s Book /Attendance Register

April Fools Day Simple Prank Ideas Tricks In Pictures Images


April Fools Day Quick Pranks Ideas In Workplace / Office

April Fools Day Simple Prank Ideas TricksFor Boss Senior  In Pictures Images

  • Attach an air horn under your boss’s seat wait until Blows.
  • Put A sticker on your colleagues back with a funny message like “Hit Me Here”
  • Put a fake notice on the Notice Board that company is reducing  its staff due to financial loss or something like that
  • Switch the Push and Pull signs on a set of doors
  • Send email to your office colleagues any fake news regarding their promotion & all. Wait for them responding on it & telling the other staff members

April Fools Day Prank Tricks In Images To Play On Your Office Colleaguess

  • Tell one of your friend that other office members are going to pull the prank on him. Let him be aware all time. He is already an April fool by now.
  • Place a Happy April Fool Day Chit On friends Office File
  • Hang a picture of Kim Jong Un on the staff picture wall

April Fools Day Prank Tricks In Images To Play On Your friends

Best & Easy April Fool Tricks For Strangers

  • Put a balloon on the tailpipe of a someone’s car so it will pop when they start their car
  • Put a snake replica on Vegetable Vendor’s “Redi/Theli” & watch out for the people’s reaction.
  • Move out on Roads dressing up like a reporter with your friend as a cameraman. Now discuss with the people around you about PM Modi resigning from his post. Watch Out for their reactions.
  • Whisper around public to your friend that you have hid the body & what is next plan for tonight. Your another friend may help record the reactions of people

How To Shock Your Parents Or Spouse On April Fools Day
April Fools Day Prank Tricks In Images To Play On Your Wife

Just put a “For Sale” board out of your house with your family member contact number. They will be shocked on hearing this before you shout at them the popular song “April Fool Banaya To Unko Gussa Aaya”

You may  also look for the Funny Memes Images On All Fools’ Day & Animated Motion Pictures On 1st April Day on SUNOBAWA Festival category.

April Fool For Kids

  • Ask your kids what to bring them in snacks or whatever for evening & let them excitingly tell you about their food desires. On eve don’t even discuss it by your mouth or just discuss it randomly to remind them (As Kids usually Forget Things).
  • Tell your kids that their real birthday is today & they were celebrating it wrong all those past years.

Hope you liked these simple April Fools Day 2017 tricks & ideas to pull prank on your loved ones, Wife-Husband, school friends or classmates, Junior-Senior office colleagues & boss.

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