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Get ready for the beautiful festival of Eid that symbolize the brotherhood in society. Yes, one of the biggest festival of Muslims Eid Ul Fitr also spelled as Eid Al Fitr is just few days ahead. And in this special festive occasion we have brought you a Best Collection of Top 20+ Hapy Meethi Eid Mubarak 2017 Special Lovely Greetings Msg for Facebook WhatsApp sharing with friends, family relatives.

We have also provided some love messages on Eid festival to wish your special friends, girlfriend-boyfriend, husband-wife, cute Eid Ul Fitr Ammi-Abbu or Apa. So let’s check out this beautiful collection Idul Fitr or chhoti eid messages shayari sms and picture wishes for WhatsApp interest and Facebook friends.

FB Whatsapp Idul Fitr Meethi Eid Beautiful Wishes Msg Shayari Friends

The exact date of celebration of Eid festival is however not known yet and will depend on the moon sighting. But you don’t have to worry about moon and its sighting just start sending some advance sms and wishes to your loved ones with the below provided Happy Meethi Id sms and shayaris in Hindi Urdu (Arabic Fonts).

On Eid day which is also the first day of the month Shawwal of Islamic calendar people celebrates Id. They wake up early and after proper cleaning and all they wear new clothes. Then they visits mosques for prayers. After the prayers people hug each other and greet by saying Eid Mubarak.

If you also want to wish someone special on this very special festival of Hari Raya Aidil Fitri 2017 then have a look at the wishes and messages that will bring a smile in the face of receiver.

Happy Fitr Eid Mubarak Special Beautiful Msg Wishes Greeting Pictures 2017

Some Best Fitr Eid Mubarak Short Wishes Message For WhatsApp FB Status In English Font

Happy Eid Ul Fitr Mubarak Wishes Msg Shayari Hindi Arabic Urdu

A simple greeting on Eid

  • Eid Mubarak. May Allah blessings be with you today, tomorrow and always
  • I hope you enjoy each and every moment of it. May God accept our fasts and prayers.
  • On Eid al-Fitr, I wish you a joyous celebration and showers of Allah’s blessings.
  • May the magic of this Eid bring lots of happiness in your life and may you celebrate it with all your close friends & may it fill your heart with wonders. Eid Mubarak
  • Sending you warm wishes on Eid and wishing that it brings your way ever joys and happiness. Remember me in your prayers
  • I wish you the gift of faith, the blessing of hope, and the peace of his love at Eid and always.

MORE 1 Line Eid Messages Are here

Meethi Eid SMS Wishes For Friends Relatives Family Members

  • May God send his Love like Sunshine
    in his warm and gentle ways
    to fill every corner of your Heart
    and filled your Life with a lot of
    Happiness like this EID DAY.
    Wishing you EID MUBARAK.
  • My well wishes, my good wishes for you are the just prayers for your long happy life from God on this noble event. Wish you a very Happy Fitr Eid Mubarak, my dear wife.
Happy Eid Ul Fitr Mubarak Wishes Msg Shayari Hindi Arabic Urdu
Eid Mubarak Special Msg To GF BF Crush Husband Wife
  • All my special wishes to some one very
    special on a very special day Eid Mubarak.
  • Can I stay here in your inbox and wait till CHAND RAAT so that I will be 1st to Greet you and wish you
    Happy Eid Mubarak
  • May this day bring peace and smoothness in your life, may it provide you the best time of your life. Happy Eid Al Fitr day My Dear Husband!!!
  • Today I pray that: happiness stay at your door; may it knock early and stay late and leave the gift of Allah’s love, peace, joy and good health behind! idul fitr mubarak
  • May the noor of this month illuminate your heart
    -Happy Aidilfitri

ईद उल फित्र मुबारक 2017 हिन्दी SMS Wishes WhatsApp Msg Shayari Urdu

MORE Shayaris & Wishes In Hindi Font To Wish Eid A Da Before

Below we have provided some best messages and shayaris sms to send to your loved ones friends, family or relatives in Hindi Urdu or Arabic Font. Check them out and select your best message for someone special on मीठी ईद.

ज़िंदगी का हर पल खुशियों से कम ना हो,
आप का हर दिन ईद से कम ना हो,
यही दुआ हैं की ऐसा ईद का दिन आपको हमेशा नसीब हो.
ईद की मुबारकबाद

जैसे हंसते हैं फूल उसी तरह सदा हंसते रहो,
सारे गम तुम्हे जाए भूल,
चारो तरफ फलाओ ख़ुसीयों का गीत,
एसी उमीद के साथ यार तुम्हे…
मुबारक हो ईद 2017

तमन्ना आपकी सब पूरी हो जाए,
हो आपका मुक़द्दर इतना रोशन की,
आमीन कहने से पहले ही आपकी हर दुआ कबूल हो जाए
आप और आपके परिवार को ईद की शुभकामनाएँ

ईद लेके आती है ढेर सारी खुशियाँ,
ईद मिटा देते है इंसान में दूरिया,
ईद है खुदा का एक नायाम तबारोक,
एसी लिए कहते है सब एईद मुबारक

Happy Eid Ul Fitr Mubarak Wishes Msg Shayari Hindi Arabic Urdu

मेरे सभी अज़ीज़ दोस्तों और रिश्तेदारों को ईद चाँद की हार्दिक बधाई व शुभकामनायें~ईद उल फित्र मुबारक

आज चाँद रात है!
और मैं अपने हाथ में
देखते हुए सोच रहा रहा
कह ये याद किस के नाम करूँ
उस के नाम…
जो दिल की धड़कानों में है
या फिर उस के नाम
जो हाथों की लकीरों में है

Send This message One Day-Night Before Eid To Special Friend

तेरी दीद जिस को नसीब है
वो नसीब क़ाबिल-ए-दीद है

तुझे सोचना मेरी चाँद रात
तुझे देखना मेरी ईद है

“हॅपी चाँद रात न्ड अड्वॅन्स्ड ईद मुबारक”

आज ईद
कल ईद
सुबा ईद
शाम ईद
खुदा करे क आप क हर लम्हे का नाम हो ईद
आपको और आपके परिवार को ईद मुबारक हो

**** चाँद रात मुबारक !! ****
विशिंग उ कुछ खट्टी,
कुछ मीठी,
कुछ चटपटी,
कुछ चुलबुली
खुशियों से भरी-ईद
हेप्पी ईद मुबारक 2 U

Happy Eid Ul Fitr Mubarak Wishes Msg Shayari Hindi Arabic Urdu

ए “चाँद”
जब वो तेरी तरफ देखे
तो उन्हे कुछ याद दिलाना …
मूढ़ार से कुछ गीत सुनना
और कहना …
तुम्हे कोई याद करता है
तेरी आरज़ू, तेरी उमीद करता है
कोई आज भी
तुम्हे देख कर एईद करता है

Id Mubarak Animated Greetings & GIF Pictures For WhatsApp

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