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Mia Khalifa Life Info Past To Present~How She Got Fame

Mia Khalifa, you must have listened this name. If not, then you must be a kid or you are very much determined in something else in your life that you haven’t noticed this personality. Mia was ranked number #1 attraction on December 28,2014 by a website meant for naughty guyz & grown-ups. So check out all about Mia below in page.

Mia Khalifa : 10 Facts About Her A Fan Must Know

#10 : Mia was born Beirut,Lebanon in the year 1993 but later at the age of 7 she moved with her family to the United States in 2000. She is also known as Mia Callista but after following her interest she started to be known as Mia Khalifa and become famous personality on the internet.

#09 : Mia is a graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from University of Texas at El Paso. After her graduation when she was uncertain about her career she started working at a fast food restaurant, burger joint ‘Whataburger’ in Miami, Florida.

Mia Khalifa 10 Unknown Facts info

#08 : While she was busy selling Burgers, a customer approached her and offered a job in the adult entertainment industry. After which she agreed the job offering and entered the industry.

#07 : For family, it was surely not a wise decision. They were not happy with career that Mia’s opt and they don’t talked to her after her joining Adult Industry. Mia was born Muslim but she converted her religion Christianity. Which further enraged her parents & countrymen.


How Mia Khalifa Become Popular & Rose To Fame Over World

#06 : She came into controversy or you can say fame after release of her video in 2015. The video featured her wearing a ‘hijab’ and performing her special talents. The video garnered much criticism from Lebanon which led to her becoming Punhub’s no. 1 searched star. After this video she received many death threats from Lebanon and other Muslim populated countries in the middle-east.

Mia Khalifa 10 Unknown Facts info

#05 : In February 2011, she married at the age of 18. She is married to an American man and currently lives with him and her 2 dogs in Florida, Miami.

#04 : So you are a Batman fan. But the girl you searching for with same Super Hero love is Mia (she is married). She just love Batman & crazy about him. Why don’t you have a look at her Instagram.

Mia Khalifa 10 Unknown Facts info

Mia Khalifa Life Info From Burger Selling Girl To Internet Star

#03 : You will not be surprised to hear Mia’s role model. Yes, they are Kim Kardashian and Sofia Vergara.

#02 : It seems she loves her country Lebanon. She got a tattoo of the opening line of the Lebanese National Anthem. She also has another tattoo of the Lebanese Forces Cross. But she was highly criticized for shaming the nation by Lebanese.

#01 : In her support, the electronic music duo Timeflies released a song called ‘Mia Khalifa’ in January 2015.

So these were 10 unknown facts about the star Mia Khalifa. Have you been aware of these facts earlier??

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