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Features Of Uttarakhand Rajiv Gandhi Int Cricket Stadium Raipur Dehradun

Features Of Uttarakhand Rajiv Gandhi Int Cricket Stadium Raipur Dehradun Sports College : The state’s first ever International Cricket Stadium is now ready. It is not too far when we will enjoy some of the best cricketing moments in our home town. We will also be the part of history which will be made on this ground with records from World’s best batsmen and bowlers. Soon we will see some of the Indian Premier League matches on our very own Cricket Stadium while enjoying the moments with our friends and family. So here we are presenting you some Features of Uttarakhand International Cricket Stadium Raipur Dehradun.

The inauguration of the stadium will be done on 16 December 2016 with a friendly cricket match between Uttar Pradesh ranji Team and Uttarakhand team. Check More details here.

Rajiv gandhi Int Cricket Stadium Inauguration 16 Dec & Performance By ??

Features Of Uttarakhand Dehradun Raipur Cricket Stadium At Sports College

Location Of Dehradun Cricket Stadium

The first ever cricket ground of Dehradun, Uttarakhand is built in Raipur area. It is made near Maharana Pratap Sports College which 15-20 minute drive from Clock Tower (Ghantaghar) Dehradun.

Scenery From Raipur Cricket Ground

location and scenery of cricket stadium raipur dehradun

The stadium has been built in Tranquil place and you may feel the same once you visit here at Raipur. There are mountain around the Stadium which also make it beautiful location. The viewers will surely enjoy the beauty of Uttarakhand state 1st International Cricket Stadium.

How The Sports College Cricket Stadium & Ground Looks (Images Pics & Video)

Budget of Stadium

Government has built This Stadium with a budget of Rupees 237 Crores. Let’s see how it looks.

Land Covered By Sports College Cricket Stadium

The stadium is expanded on 23 Acres of land. Which is large enough to experience a great view from the stands.

Sitting Capacity of Rajiv Gandhi Cricket Stadium Dehradun

25 Thousands viewers can watch match from the stands at same time, that means Sitting Capacity of the Raipur Cricket Stadium is not that much.

Number Of Main And Practice Pitches On Raipur Cricket Stadium

There are 5 Main Pitches in this Ground. It is also aided with 5 Practice pitches also.

Other Features Of Raipur Dehradun Cricket Ground

There is also a Club House, Swimming Pool, Bowling Alley, Table Tennis, Billiards room, Spa, Gym, Banquet Hall and a 100 sitter Auditorium. That for sure is not for the viewers but for the players and match officials.

First Match Played

The first International Match on this ground is yet to be played. But the inauguration match will be played between Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh teams.

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