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Good Friday : What So Good About It ?? Check All Info & Details of Celebration

If you are not from Christian religion then you probably don’t know the festival of Good Friday and it’s celebration. Check out this article on Good Friday & Death of Jesus Christ in brief and know about the significance of this holy day of Easter Week in Christian Religion.

So first coming to name of festival which is “Good Friday”. The ‘Good’ in ‘Good Friday’ means ‘Holy’ by some of people of this religion and so it is also called as ‘Holy Friday’. But some people calls it Great Friday and some groups calls it a “Black Friday”. So why the festival of Good Friday has so many different names ?? check below the reason behind this.

Good Friday Reason Of Celebration By People

Well first coming to the reason of celebration of this day. Jesus was a Jewish preacher and religious leader. This day marks the death of Lord Jesus Christ who was believed to be “The Son Of God” by the Christians. So this day actually commemorates Jesus Christ’s Passion, crucifixion and death & it plays an vital part in the Christian faith.

At What Time Of Year & When Is Good Friday Celebrated

The Good Friday is celebrated in holy week of Easter. The date for Good Friday is not fixed and it varies from year to year. It is also a holiday in some countries or part of them.

Why It Is Termed As Good ???

So despite being a sorrowful day, Why people call it a Good Friday ?? According to beliefs of some people the term ‘Good’ in reference of “Good Friday” simply means ‘holy’ or ‘pious’. While some believes that the word actually is “God Friday” as related with the “Son Of The God” . People believes that Jesus crucified himself for our sins.

But two days after his death, Jesus came back to life on Sunday. That day is called Easter Sunday. This resurrection of lord Jesus is celebrated with great enthusiasm by the people.

How Christian People Celebrates Good Friday

The celebration doesn’t include any cherish moment rather it is a day of solemn nature. And because of this reason some countries including Germany prohibits some acts like dancing and horse racing.

Christian (Catholic) observance involves people fasting and praying. It is actually mourning and quiet prayer. Special church services or prayer vigils are also attended by the people on this day at afternoon. In some churches crosses along with statues, paintings may be draped in black, purple or gray cloth.

Some People observe a full day fast while others as partial fast. People are not supposed to eat meat on this day if they are catholic.

In some countries like India Italy & Spain Cross processions are also held to remember the last hours of Jesus Life in which many people participates. Some celebrate it with little or no activity by not watching TV or working on Computer or listening radio while others like play music also such as JS Bach’s St. Matthew’s Passion.

People also shares their warm greetings with Good Friday Texts Messages on this day. Some also like to share the Lord Jesus Images Wallpapers Pictures with some quotes written on them. They use social sites to send e-greetings & cards to their friends & relatives.

What People Eats Traditionally On Good Friday ?

The traditional  Good Friday sweet is hot cross buns. So some people bake hot cross buns and eat t after the fast.

So this why & how the people in Christianity observes the Good Friday. This is little info about Holy Good Friday and hope you now know something about this day. So Don’t forget to Share the article with your friends.

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