Earning Online Income With Hellohaat : Hellohaat Review

Hellohaat,Is it a scam or people really earning with it and making Lakh of Rupees that too online @ www.hellohaat.com. Get to know about Hellohaat which is paying a passive online income to people from their referrals. We are not promoting it and forcing you to join this program from this e-commerce website. Check how much Hellohaat is paying, how much people are earning with it. Then you may consider to join or not.

UPDATE : If you haven’t joined yet or have joined but payment is not made by you. Do it now before 15th April as you will be eligible for award, you will get Rs 100 Coupon and a Rs 1000 gift as well. Check out video below and get the joining link below.

Hellohaat Online Income Company Review

If you are active MLM person in North India, then you must have listen this name. People are making real online passive income with its referral program in which they are getting Rs 200 per referral and earning in Lakhs. If not, then you may know about this company here @ www.sunobawa.xyz.

About Hellohaat Company

So if you have never heard this name, then we will tell you that it a new online shopping portal. Yes, Hellohaat is yet another e-commerce which is new in this online marketing portal. It sells various products online thorough its online shopping portal www.hellohaat.com

Company Location / City

Hellohaat is a Delhi Based Company as address shown on its website. It office is at 264, 3rd Floor Bajaj Service Centre, Hari Nagar, Ashram,  New Delhi.

Many of the  members who are active in the company’s referral and other earning methods are claiming that they are making thousands & Lakh of Rupees. Check the Hellohaat Income Plan in PDF file in English Hindi.

Why Hellohaat Shopping Site Giving Such High Income

Yes, it is a good question which can come in anyone’s mind. It is a e-Commerce website and why would it give you income for referrals??? Why Amazon, Flipkart & other similar shopping websites not doing this ?? Then here is the answer.

Many of you, are not aware that this same thing was also done by another e-commerce company which has now a big one. That company was Snapdeal. Yes,at its starting days Snapdeal would use to perform same business strategy so as they can make a place for them in the online retail market. As Flipkart & other e-commerce giants like ebay & Amazon are already established & have enough audience reach, they need not to run such such campaign for promotion.

UPDATE : HelloHaat has changed its website design & now you might be facing LogIn Error. Check Here How To Log In To New HelloHaat Website Dashboard.

So now you have the answer. Hellohat is giving money to grab the e-commerce market and reach among as many as they can. To achieve this goal, Hellohaat have this plan for generating income for its customers. It’s income plan is upto 10 level so you have a great chance to earn huge only with it’s referral, if you have a good team. Referral income is one thing, it has also Re-Purchase Income. Check the plan details below & also download PDF file for it.

hellohaat online income hellohaat online income review @ sunobawa.xyz

How You Can Earn With Hellohaat

When it comes to earn with this e-commerce company here are numerous ways to earn with Hellohaat,Which are listed below.

JOIN HELLOHAAT  (Sponsor ID : “118996” if not working comment below ) (After Registering For Any Information Post Comment Below Or Visit Here Regarding Payment Method process)

If you are a college student & Want To Earn With As Little As Rs 150 you can do it with SmartIndiaWallet plan. Check Income Plan Of Smart India Wallet


#1 : Customer Referral Income

One can generate income by referring this website to other by various ways. The best way you can do this is using Facebook. To tell them about company you may refer them here. However you may ask them to join with your referral id. Each referral will generate Rs 200 to you. When your direct referral also joins other members they will get Rs 200 & you will also get Rs 200. This system will generate income upto 10 level for you (although it is difficult to reach there). Even if you reach to level 5-6 you will be making lakhs.

It is a 5X10 matrix plan. In your 1st level you can have only 5 friends & 6th member will automatically goes to higher level of customer tree. You have to join at-least 5 members in 10 days after your joining to be eligible for other Rewards. If you don’t want those awards then it is OK, you don’t have to worry about that. You may check the awards list in PDF income plan link to which is given below.

UPDATE : After changing into new webportal (website) hellohaat has introduced some changes in the plan with 1:3 plan. Why Hellohaat has made these changes and what are they is discussed below.

Suppose you have 5 direct members in your down-line. These 5 members also have some members under them. Say your 1st direct member has 50, 2nd direct has 40, 3rd direct has 80 4th direct has 60 and 5th direct has 130 members under them.

Now what hellohaat will do is, they will take that number which is least. In this example it is 40 member who are under your 2nd direct referral member. It will take 40 and multiply it with 3 that will become 120. Now Hellohaat will only pay for those legs which have members below or equal to 120 under your 5 legs. So in this case you will get income of direct leg 1st (with 50 members), 2nd leg with 40 members 3rd leg with 80 members and 4th leg with 60 members under them.

But you will not be paid for the 5th leg completely with 150 members which is more than 120 (40×3). You will be paid only for 120 members. And for remaining of 30 members under leg 5 you will get payment once they will also comes under the ratio of 1:3. Again it will calculate least number of members and multiply it by 3 and same process will repeated.

Yes it is bit confusing, but you need not to worry & think much about what is Hellohaat new 1:3  formula (1 is to 3 /1 ratio 3) for payment. You need to just focus on building your team and you will make Lakhs from Hellohaat like others. If you still want info what is it then see the article “How To Make Payment In Hellohaat or Register-Join Hellohaat” the link of this article is provided to you below.

#2 Re-Purchase Income :

Re-purchase income is when your direct team member will make a purchase at Hellohaat shopping portal you will get a commission in your hellohaat account.


Money Required To Join Hellohaat & How Much You Can Earn In 2017

Basically to join you need a referral id (A Number of already joined member- Get the joining link below). One needs to pay Rupees 1023 only (One-Thousand Twenty Three) in order to get registered in this program.

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Benefits :

After joining with Lifetime membership (Rs 1023) with Hellohaat you will get benefited in 2 ways. First you will get Rs 1000 coupon for shopping from Hellohaat. (To register you need to book any product with Rs 1023 On Joining & then you may buy that product redeeming this amount of Rs 1023 and the product amount will be reduced by Rs 1000) With this you get your invested money almost back in your pocket completely. There will be no delivery charge. Choose from various product range.

You will join 5 members and it will provide you rs 1000. Now you don’t need to make another referral. These 5 members will now join another 5 members to get 1000 and it will give you rupees 5000. And it will create a massive income for you with it’s 10 Level income plan. YOU MAY ALSO JOIN with the help of below provided image link.

join hellohaat sunobawa.xyz


How To Make Payment In Hello Haat With Debit Card : Check Here

Disclaimer : The company might change the terms & policy of paying once they get enough promotion so you must do a research of HelloHaat by yourself and of it’s income proof from users on YouTube before investing your Money & Time. In the video you watched above Sumit Sir explained about this company & he has withdrawal more than 1 Lakh Rupees in 2 weeks. If you have any questions in mind regarding Hellohaat below is  Whatsapp Number for Hellohaat Support.

  • Whatsapp No. Of Hellohaat : 8700840859
  • If your account is still not approved even send mail here : hellohaatsolutions@gmail.com

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  • February 24, 2017 at 7:06 pm

    hi i wanna join call me admin i am having good team my no is 9602929325

    • February 24, 2017 at 7:25 pm

      Hello Himanshu.. If you really have a good team you can really earn big with it & make this year successful. Just Register Yourself first through the link provided (Register Here) OR visit Here for payment Proof : & you will be helped regarding payment procedure on your number.Thanks !!!

  • March 9, 2017 at 9:35 am

    Hellohaat site is not working. I have made payment on 24.02.2017, but my account has not been activated till date. I think, it is a fake site and a big scam. They are cheating public in this way.

    • March 9, 2017 at 11:58 pm

      And their email support is also not working, their phone number when called never been picked up.Right??? wait a little more if something get sorted out by the company.

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    Hey Admin , i Like Ur webpage ,very informative . which wordpress theme you are using ? is it free or Paid ?? i like this

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      SOM, Yes It is Free but not for the full version.


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