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Hero Alom Why So Famous Info Real Name Work Earning

You must have seen pics of this guy which is going viral over internet. This Not-So handsome looking hero we have seen is a Bangladeshi guy named Hero Alom. And he is getting attention from peoples over various social sites. So, Are you thinking the same way that I Did. Why ?? Why Hero Alom is so famous ? What he does to gain such a huge popularity and fan following. What makes Him so famous on internet & YouTube ?? Know all about this guy in this article and Reason behind Hero Alom popularity.

Hero Alom Real Name With All Details & Information

Hero Alom Why So Famous Info Real Name Work Earning

Screen shot captured from YouTube Video

Hero Alom is a Bangladeshi guy who is known for his Music Videos which he releases on You Tube. His actual / real name is Ashraful Alom Saeed. He is a popular You-Tube Music Video model who is seen in many Music Videos which are popular in YouTube. He began his Music Video channel as a hobby in which he used popular songs and music from Bangla and Hindi movies. But how this video channel make him extremely popular ?? Keep Reading…….

Reason Of Hero Alom Popularity

His YouTube Channel has received around 4.23 Million views. He is popular over social media and creating buzz around Facebook users. He is seen with beautiful girls in his music videos that will you think again Why ??? The reason of Hero Alom Popularity is of-course not his acting skills or his face.

Hero Alom with beautiful girls pics images photos

In-fact he has not got heroic face and neither he got acting skills even though he is popular. The real reason being his ineptitude as an actor, and his unsuitable physical demeanour as a model he got so popular. Yes this is the only reason of his popularity. In Bangladesh, Alom is a popular target of online trolling and subject of Memes.

Hero Alom Career Earlier Life Work

Hero Alom hales from Bogra District of Bangladesh comes from a poor family background. He is a common man who earlier works as CDs seller in Bangladesh. He has not completed his school and studied till 7th grade. Now he is employed as a satellite dish line provider.

Hero Alom হিরো আলম personal Details

Hero Alom kissing beautiful girl

Real Name : Ashraful Alom Saeed

Country : Bangladesh

Religion : Islam

Nick Name / Best Known With : Hero Alom / হিরো আলম

DOB : Not Known

Age : 27 years (in 2016)

Height : 5 foot 3 inch

Married To : Sumi Akter (Wife of Hero Alom)

Children : Abir (son) and Alo (daughter)

Hero Alom Income / Earning From YouTube Channel

He has got million views on his various Music Videos and his videos are praised by his villagers. Some found it funny and make fun of him over Facebook and twitter. Reality is he is famous if not for his face, not for his acting skills but for some reasons. If you don’t believe me see this pics of him with popular Bangladeshi Cricketer.

Hero Alom selfie pic photo with Mussfiqur Rahim bangladeshi cricket player

Mushfiqur Rahim Clicked Selfie With Hero Alom

He has around 700 subscribers and has received 354,560 views. His channel net worth around Net Worth: $300000.

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