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Holi Festival : All You Need To Know About It’s Celebration

The festival of Holi is around the corner. Most of you have already started the preparation for this beautiful festival. It is one of the biggest festival celebrated in India by Hindus. It falls on the full moon day in the month of Phalgun of Hindu calendar.

But do you know why this festival is celebrated & what is the story & legends behind the Holi festival celebration ?? What the festival of colors teaches us & what is the signicance of its celebration, Check here what is actually the reason for the Holi celebration, & stories for kids.

The Legends Of Holi & Its Celebration ~ Holi Story For Kids

The festival marks the end of winter & beginning of the spring season. Spring itself is considered as the king of all season as during the spring the whole surrounding looks beautiful, greenery is everywhere & beauty of flowers on trees just make our soul happy. All this makes the Holi festival so vibrant & colorful.

It is a two day festival that starts on eve before main Holi celebration with bonfire lightening. On the next morning People celebrate it forgetting old grievances and meeting each-others with great warmth & high spirit. They send their best wishes & greetings on Holi to their loved ones.

They play Holi & smear Gulal & Abir on each other’s face on open places & streets. Childrens throw water balloons & coloured water with water-guns on each other. People visit each other houses to Wish Happy Holi & enjoys some delicious food, bhang pakodas & Thandai on this day. Events are also organized in which mass enjoys at one place dancing on old & new Holi Bollywood numbers.

It is celebrated in almost every part of our country as well as in other countries too. Not only by Hindus but the people of other religion like Jain & Buddhist also celebrates it as a cultural fest.

In Punjab, the festival is referred as Hola. The last Guru (10th Guru) of Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh Ji modified this festival as Hola Mohalla celebrated for 3 days as festival of Martial Arts. People in rural areas decorate the walls & courtyard with drawings and paintings. While on main celebration day people throw colors & engage themselves in Water Fights.

So, why this festival Is Celebrated  & Significance Of Holi ??

Holi is celebrated as both, seasonal as well as a religious festival. There are various legends related to Holi festival & its celebration. Check below these stories of Holi Festival & its celebration in India.

King Hiranyakashyapu & Prahlad Story On Holi


One such story or legend known is related with cruel King Hiranyakashyapu & his son Prahlada. Devil king used to hate the god & consider himslef as God unlike his son, who was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. The king wanted all his sunbjects to worship instead of any other god. The king threatened all subjects of his kingdom & forbade them to worship Lord Vishnu or any other god. But his own refused to do so.

The infuriated the father & the he decided to punish his child. He instructed his his sister ‘Holika’ kill his son. Holika, who had boon that she will not affected anyhow even with the blazing fire fire. So they planned to set fire & made Prahlada to sit along with his aunt on the fire. But Prahalda, was rendered by Lord Vishnu as he was his true devotee & Holika who had immunity from fire got pulverize in that fire.

That is the reason of “Holika Bonfire” or “Holika Dahan” a night before Badi Holi. And this why the festival is celebrated as victory of good over evil.

Story | Legend Of Radha-Krishna On Holi Festival

Have you ever wondered why & how lord krishna & Radha is related with this beautiful festival of colors. here is an cute & interesting story. As a child, Krishna used to be jealous of fair complexion of Radha. He himslef was quite dark. So he went to his mother & complaint why nature is so unfair which made Radha so fair and he so dark.


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So to quell the anger of little Krishna she advised his son to paint the face of Radha with any color he want. Krishna was naughty, so he loved this advise & moved to color the face of her beloved Radha. He used to do color pranks with Radha & Gopis  & that is why we today also celebrate the same event in this beautiful festival of Love.

However, there is another story that tells & explain dark complexion of lord Krishna. The story goes like, Once a demon tried to kill the infant Krishna. He fed little Krishna with poisoned milk to kill him but it made him so dark that it turned him turned blue in colour. The demon burnt down to ashes, & Lord Krishna remained unaffected.


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This legend is the reason of Holi celebration in most of the places related to Radha-Krishna which are Mathura, Vrindavan, Barsana and Nandgaon. So it also celebrates the immortal love of Krishna & Radha.

Story Of Lord Shiva & Kama Deva (Love God) Regarding Holi Celebration & Significance

In southern India, another popular legend is told. This story is related with Lord Shiva and Kaamadeva. When Lord Shiva was in Yoga & deep meditation, his wife parvati wanted to bring him back to the real world but can’t. So she took help of God of Love called Kama deva. The love god shoots his arrow to Shiva in meditation. On this Shiva opens his third eye and burn Kama to ashes.


On the sacrifice of Kama Deva, his wife Rati performed meditation for forty days which made lord Shiva understand his mistake so he brought the god of love back to life. And this day is celebrated by peoples on 40th day after Vasant Panchami festival as Holi.

Cultural & Seasonal Significance Of Festival

Besides all the religious significance, the Holi festival is also has cultural significance related with it. It is that time of the day when people forget their previous conflicts & meet once again to forgive. New relations are build up between peoples.

All these cultural, religious & mythological aspects of the Holi festival of Hindus, makes it so significant. That is why you must heartily enjoy the festival & cherish the reasons for its celebrations. A very Happy Holi To All.

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