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Why & How Beginners Can Make Their YouTube Channel~DIY Guide

Welcome Back friends to SUNOBAWA. YouTube is becoming a trend & now everyone have their own You Tube Channel. You can even see Kids are making & uploading some tutorials videos. If you also want your own channel then this a DIY Guide for you.

Today you will learn about why you should make a YouTube Channel, Who can make a YouTube Channel and finally how beginners can make their own You Tube Channel by themselves. Learn all these things with pictures. So let’s get started.

Making Own You Tube  Channel For DIY Guide For Newbies

Before actually getting started, let’s learn about YouTube, a lil bit more. So if you are here then you probably know the term YouTube. If not then here is a quick definition of it.”YouTube is free video sharing website in which any user can make their own video channel & upload videos for free. Which then can be seen by the whole world”

A general question that might be running in your head is “Why People Makes YouTube Channel ?”. So answer for this particular question is not very specific. There can be many different reasons for making a channel. As like creating tutorials video, to teach others online, to make laugh others, to brief their special talent like dancing or singing and many more.

Moreover you can also monetize your YouTube Channel with Google Ads and can really earn handsome amount that can pay your Internet bills and other expenses.

Step By Step Guide To Make Your YouTube Channel In 2017

So if you have decided on which topic you want your channel to be then here are the things / resources required to create your very first channel on YouTube.

The first thing you require is a Google Account /Gmail.

If you already have then it is good & if you don’t then do make one for yourself. If we talk about the world today in 2017, if you don’t have a email account then you don’t have your identity. So make your google account here here.

Now Follow These Simple Steps To Start YouTube Channel

  1. Visit Here :
  2. On Top Left corner click on 3 Horizontal line and then select My Channel.
  3. It will ask you how to use YouTube as. It is actually your channel name, so change it according to your need. By-default it will show your name on Google account. Click on create channel.
  4. Now you have successfully created your very first channel.

What To Do Next After Creating Your YouTube Channel


After creating it successfully you will face this type of screen. Now from here you have to upload your channel logo & a cover picture (Channel Art) for it & your audience. In above pic you can see the in red marked boxes. From here you can upload logo, channel art by clicking pencil icon (edit icon) as in case of Facebook. Also add description of your channel.

Now you can make your videos and upload it to this channel through Upload button. If you are wondering How to create video content for your channel it would be a little off-topic. So it would be covered on next post.

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