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Indian Soldier Video Singing About Their Problem Going Viral

It is only after few days of Army Chief’s warning that video of an Indian Soldier singing his grief and difficulties going viral over web. Check out what he is singing about @

Indian Soldier Singing Video Going Viral Now

After series of video being released in last few weeks by the BSF jawans regarding their problem faced in the borders, here is another video that is now going viral.

The video however has not been posted for complaint but seems to be shooted during private performance or get-together. It is not known when the video is shot specifically

General Bipin Rawat has given strict warning to anyone who will upload video without permission will face the consequence. But soon after this warning from Army Chief, the video in which Sikh soldier can be seen singing about the problems and tough life that they live.

The lyrics goes like this which he sings in Punjabi,

“It has been 10 months now, I am not getting days off; all the tears have fallen from her eyes. One who is married to us, she feels neither married nor unmarried.”

The soldiers are gathered at one place and among them one Sikh Soldier is singing this song. They seemed to be gather for some breakfast or something.

He is singing,The soldier sadly sings that they eat roti with pickle while others are having tasty meals in hotels. According to The Hindu.

He further sings that even during the festivities, they guard their nation while politicians sleep peacefully in their homes at night.

Watch Indian Soldier Singing Video About hard Life In Border Viral

Video Link : Click here

The lyrics are :

Indian Soldier singing about hard life lyrics

What do you think now? About the kind of Life our Brave Soldiers Living in Border securing & guarding our nation. Tell us your views about it. Share it with your friends on facebook and google plus.

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