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Kapil Sharma Said Sorry To Sunil Grover On Twitter~Sunil Quit The Show

The fight between Kapil Sharma & his team member Sunil Grover is not coming to an end. Infact, there is one more member who is not coming on Shoot of TKSS.

It is already known that there was a issue between Kapil & Sunil during the flight from Melbourne to Mumbai. During the flight, Kapil had beaten Sunil & abused him badly in front of all. According to reports he had said that, “Tu hai kaun? Tera show flop gaya tha, tu mera naukar hai, tu Australia mein bhi jo show kiya khude se woh flop tha…”.

What Kapil & Sunil Tweeted To Each Other After Fight

This issue was infact confirmed by the comedian himslef on his Facebook post. In which he said that it is their family matter & they will sort this out soon. After this post there was also a news that Sunil is quitting the Kapil’s show. And this made the great comedian apologize on twitter after his Facebook Post. In his apology tweet, he tweeted this to Sunil,

He tweeted, that he is sorry if he unintentionally hurt Sunil & he loves & respect him.

But, it seems that Sunil is hurt deeply with this act of Kapil & so also took on to twitter and said that you have hurt me deeply & learn to respect Humans apart from animals also. He also said in his tweet that you are the best in your field but don’t try to act like a GOD. Here is what Sunil Grover Tweeted.

One can easily understand with this tweet, how deeply is Sunil got hurt by the Kapil’s act. This tweet is a sign that Sunil will no longer be the part of TKSS. And this tweet must have made Kapil quite insecure of his show’s future. So he re-tweeted on this.

& then he tweeted that he missed him and will meet him in evening

But Sunil didn’t appeared in the set of TKSS for shoot. Neither di his childhood friend Chandan Prabhakar. Check What they said about Kapil when called.

It is only the character of Dr. Mashoor Gulati by Sunil which is liked by one & all. Sunil is the one responsible for a High TRP of this show for Sony.

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