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New 2000 Note Secret : How IT Department Raid Success Rate 100 %

Is the same question running in your mind, How How IT Department Raid Success Rate is almost 100 % ? How every time ED get correct information of New Currency Notes being placed in a large number ? So do you think the news of Nano Chips in New Rs 2000 was correct ?? No it was not but surely there is a secret behind these New Currency Notes which helped Enforcement Directorate (ED) to successfully raid persons with such  big number of new 2000 rupee note.

Secret Behind New 2000 Rupee Notes & It Is Not Nano Chip

When these new currency notes enforcement were announced there were rumors going around that the new 2000 Rupee Note has a hidden nano Chip inside it. Most of us have believed the same before RBI and Government told truth about these chips and said that there is no chip in these notes.

New 2000 Note Secret of ink radiation & no nano chip

But after one month of this Demonetization process, we have seen many people have been caught by the IT officials in raids. So how this is happening with almost 100% accuracy rate. How these officials are so accurate all the time they raid ? Was there really a hidden chip inside the Rs 2000 new currency note ?? If not then what is the New 2000 Note Secret ? Check here below in the article.

Real Secret Of New Currency Notes Of Rupees 2000 Is Here

So nano chip concept was actually a rumor and there no such chip in these notes. But there is secret in these currency notes that Government Doesn’t want to reveal. The secret is actually in the ink used in these New 2000 Rupees notes.

The ink used in these notes has isotope of Phosphorus which helps the Income Tax Department identify these notes when found in large quantities. Let’s see how ? Continue Reading.

India Income Tax Department Raid Success Secret Of 2000 Rs Notes

The isotope of Phosphorus is radioactive material and continuously emit radiations. The intensity of emissions will surely be more when found in huge number in an area.

So more the number of notes, greater the chance you will be caught and have to welcome some not invited guests at your place or I should say palace.

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