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All New Nokia 3310 Finally Unveiled At MWC 2017~ Full Details

The phone for which all of us were waiting for has finally been launched at Mobile World Congress 2017. Yes, we are talking about the masterpiece Nokia 3310. The 17 year old glory phone has a new look but you will never feel it is different from its predecessor the old Nokia 3310 phone. Before this LG launched its G6 device with Google Assistant.

Nokia launched its other devices too which includes Nokia 3 5 & 6 but the show-stellar was Nokia 3310 Check here design of Newly Launched Nokia 3310, its battery life & camera & comeback of snake game. let’s talk about this phone in details here @, excited ??? Whoooo.

New Nokia 3310 All Details ~ Design Battery Camera

Design & Body

As told earlier the looks has been changed a little but at first look on this new device will remember you the old classic 3310 phone which we all have used & loved. It now got a bigger display than the previous one. It has a 2.4″ display size with 240×320.

Besides that the new phone has got Colors. The phone weighs only 79 Grams & comes with a Plastic Body with  subtle design. Hope that it has that same well made muscular body which we all have experienced while throwing it here & there.

Battery Life

The new Nokia 3310 has given 1200 mAh battery without any changes. It will give a month long standby time, promised by the company. As the User Interface is almost the same & there is no such gimmicky features that will drain up battery, so yes, the battery might last long for a month in stand-by mode. The charging port is now USB type which sits exactly the same place where earlier (Mot/Patli Pin) port used to be i.e. at top. The back panel of phone can removed to explore the removable battery.

New Nokia 3310 Has has 2MP camera & 3.5 mm Audio Jack

While the iPhone 7 lacks the 3.5mm audio jack, 3310 can proudly say buy me instead. The phone also got a space to put a microSD card in its battery side after removing the back panel.

On the rear of this device, you will see nothing special in its design but it got a 2MP camera sensor. Which is also provided with LED flash. And yes there is a “Nokia” branding on its back.

The Old Snake Game

It looks it has custom made operating system. There is no bloatwares or such thing & thus make the Operating system looks clean all the way. It comes with new version of old classic “snake game” that we all used to play & make High scores on that.

New Version Of Nokia 3310 Price Release Date & Availability

New Nokia 3310 Cost Price

The New Nokia 3310 has been priced 49 euros which is approx $50 (US Dollar) or 41 british Pound. In India 49 Euros will count to Rs 3450 for 3310 new version. if it got its released in India soon in somewhere around 3000 or less INR all youths of 90s gonna buy it for sure.

The Old vs New Nokia 3310 Features

What do you think of the all new version of Nokia 3310 ?? Are  you going to buy it in this price range ?? Or you will buy it for any price as it is part of your memories ?? Tell your views in below comment section.

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