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Nokia 3310 Old Vs New Comparison With All New Features

So 2017 will mark the comeback of Nokia in the smartphone global market as the company that was struggling in market since last few years has finally launched its Android Devices & ready to bang the smartphone market again. At MWC 2017 company launched Nokia 3 Nokia 5 & Nokia 6 the three android devices. But what all were waiting  for, was its 17 years old phone’s re-launch, The Nokia 3310.

The phone what we all call indestructible was a best seller at a time when Nokia used to rule the mobile world. Around 126 million units of the old version of Nokia 3310 were sold by the company worldwide. And now when the company has re-entered to mobile world, it cannot forget to re-launch its best seller phone. Check how the new version of Nokia 3310 is different from its older version @

Nokia 3310 New Features & Differences From The Older version

As told earlier the company had launched 126 million unsits of older 3310, if company managed to sell only 10-12 % of this number, it would be success for the company. Now let’s check what are the new features of the all New Nokia 3310.

#1 : The new 3310 from Nokia has a bigger display with 320 x 240 pixels resolution than its elder sibling which had only 48 x 84 pixels resolution. Moreover the new device comes with 2.4″ color display unlike monochrome display of the older Nokia 3310. It comes with polarized layer that provides better readability.

#2 : The new design look bulky but it is more slimmer than the previous version. The new device has dimension with 115.6 x 51 x 12.8 while the older measures 113 x 48 x 22 mm . The new version with only 79 gram weight is almost 50 gram lighter than old 3310 phone

#3 : The new 3310 version comes in 4 color variants which are Red, Black, Blue, and Yellow. But remember the old device used to have Xpress-on covers which one can easily change. In any case of damage user need to visit the nearest store.

#4 : The new version sport a 2Mp camera on its rear with a LED Flashlight. You must be wondering only camera has just 2 MP sensor, however if the older 3310 has this, the number we mentioned above might have get double. The one thing that it lacks is storage as there is not much of internal memory that can store your pics. For this you have to buy a microSD card that can extend storage of phone upto 32 GB. The internal storage is only 16 MB.

New Nokia 3310 2017 Version Details

#05 : The new Nokia 3310 is backed with 1200 mAh batter which is around 25% more than older phone with 900 mAh. The expansion of battery will let you use it for 22.1 hours of talk time and lasts up to 31 days in standby mode. So it is better than its predecessor which rated to deliver up to 4.5 hours of talk time and lasts up to 10.8 days on standby mode at that time.

#06 : The newly launched version has Bluetooth connectivity option available to transfer or receive files with the nearby devices. Not only this it also comes with FM Radio along with a music player to listen to music anytime. To charge the phone it is provided with MicroUSB 2.0 port and connecting to the computer to transfer files. All these features are new as compared to the old Nokia 3310.

#07 : The new device supports dual sim & also a microSD slot that can support 32 GB memory. While the former version had only single sim support and also lacked microSD card support.

#08 : The new 3310 has one interesting upgrade. It is supported with 2G connectivity, to access internet. The phone has a built-in Opera Mini browser. It supports GSM 900/1800 MHz frequency.

#09 : Keypad of the newer version looks beautiful with push buttons. New variant of this feature phone come with separated buttons to answer and end calls.

#10 : The new version phone comes the updated version of snake which now has colours. While other games like Asphalt 6, Doodle Jump, and Diamond Twister 2 are also offered for this device & can be downloaded from the app store. The older 3310 used to come with un-deleteable 4 games – Snake II, Pairs II, Space Impact, and Bantumi.

So what do you think of this version, will it be a success over 3310 older version of 2000 OR people will ignore the latest Nokia 3310 of 2017 ??

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