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Olympic Gold Medalist Carolina Shocked To Hear PV Sindhu’s Cash Rewards

Remember that glorious moment back in 2016,When PV Sindhu won Silver medal for India in Rio Olympic Games 2016 ?? Yes, who can forget that glorious moment. She was rewarded with a great cash reward by State & Central Government. But what happens when Carolina Marin, the Spanish badminton player who won Gold at Rio Olympics heard about her cash reward. Check here at SUNOBAWA.XYZ

Carolina Received 10-15% Of Money PV Sindhu Received After Winning Olympic Gold

Carolina, Spanish Badminton Player, is currently playing in Premier Badminton League in India. During a press conference carolina said.

“I heard she (Sindhu) got millions. That’s huge. I, too, got some cash award from the Spanish government.”

She also mentioned the rough amount that she received on winning the Rio Olympic Gold in Badminton. According to Sportskeeda report, Carolina said,

“I actually roughly received 10-15 % of the money Sindhu got, but this is a great indicator that the sport is so popular here. Back in Spain, it’s only popular in certain regions; even there the craze isn’t this big. So the country is a model of sorts for commercial development of the sport.”

Carolina Reaction On PV Sindhu’s Cash Reward After Winning Silver

She was surprised when she came to know the amount of cash prize that Sindhu got after losing to her in the finals.

Last year, PV Sindhu become India’s only Women Badminton Player to win a silver medal at the biggest sporting event, Olympics.

While Carolina became the first non-Asian female player to win the gold medal in badminton singles at Olympics after she Indian Badminton star Sindhu.

Carolina surprised to know cash reard received by PV Sindhu

On Winning Gold, Spanish Government awarded her with the cash prizes of only €94,000. In Indian currency it sums up to around Rupees 70 Lakh.

While PV Sindhu, In India was showered with a great sum of award money. 21 years old shuttler received Rs. 13 crore in cash awards only by various state governments and institutions.

Besides this, The great cricketing legend also Sachin Tendulkar presented her a luxury car on behalf of Hyderabad Badminton Association’s president, V Chamundeswaranath.

This is one thing, but she also signed some Advertisement campaign deals amount to nearly Rs. 50 crore.

In PBL season 2, 2017, Carolina is playing for Hyderabad Hunters. She is a great talent from Spain and thus paid nice for playing in this league tournament.

Well I must say, she could earn more than Sindhu from Bollywood also. She may try in Bollywood What Say ??? Just Kidding, but she is real cute.

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