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The Ramadan Month in 2017 Gregorian calendar has started today on 26th May. And with the beginning of this holy month people have started to wish each other with warm greetings of Ramajan.

The month of Ramadan which is sometimes also called as Ramajan is the 9th month in Islamic Calendar and is one of the most important event in Muslim Community. It is believed that during this month the holy book of Islam, Quran was revealed for the first time. In Quran is written guidance for the mankind.

In this article you can find the best collection Ramadan Mubarak SMS Wishes Greetings for Facebook WhatsApp, Welcome Ramadan Kareem 2017 Messages Texts Greetings in Hindi English Urdu /Arabic fonts for FB WhatsApp status updates

Best 15 Ramadan Mubarak Whatsapp Status 1 Line Message SMS Wishes

During the month of Ramajan people of Islamic religions observes fasting for whole month. The fasting time starts before dawn and is continued until dusk.

During the fast adults abstain from food items, any kind of drinks , smoking and even physical intimation as they consider this month of Ramajan to be soul purifying and so they devote themselves to prayers of Allah.

Check below some of the best collection of Ramadan kareem 2017-18 / Ramajan Mubarak SMS Wishes Texts messages in 1-2 lines for whatsApp and facebook status updates. You may also share and send these best 15 Ramadan Mubarak 2017 short messages and Hindi Urdu sms shayari wishes with friends, family, relatives and loved ones.

Ramadaan Mubarak Kareem Short Messages Wishes In Hindi Urdu Arabic

Prayer For Ramadan 2017

Ya ALLAH Our Sins Are So Many
But Your Mercy Is Limitless
Plz Forgive Us
You Are The Greatest Forgiver
You Love To Forgive
Plz Forgive me,
my Parents,
my Family
And The Whole Muslim Ummah Past & Present

Aamin – SumAmeen

1 Liner Msg For Happy Ramadan Facebook WhatsApp Status

Happy Ramadan Wishes Whatsapp Messages Status DP Ecards Wishes Hindi English Urdu

Ramadan Animation Pictures Download Free GIF

May this Ramadan bring joy, health and wealth to you.

May this Ramadan bring you the
utmost in peace and prosperity

Hoping that Allah shower you and your beloved with loads of blessings.

Woh sehri ki noraneyat,
Woh iftaar ki rounaq,
Woh aasman se rehmat ka barasna,
Woh masjidun ka rooh parwar manzar,
Woh naikiyon ka jazba,
Woh tilawat ki dhoom,

May Allah help us in this Ramadan to come closer to Him.

Happy Ramadan Wishes Whatsapp Messages Status DP Ecards Wishes Hindi English Urdu

Jee han rehmat wala maghfirat wala
or azab se nijaat wala mahena
RAMZAN” aaney wala hai,

Whoever Allah wishes to show goodness, he gives him understanding of the religion.


Happy Ramadan Wishes Whatsapp Messages Status DP Ecards Wishes Hindi English Urdu


रमादान का चाँद देखा,
रोज़े की दुआ माँगी,

रोशन सितारा देखा,
आप की ख़ैरियत की दुआ माँगी,


रात को नया चाँद मुबारक,
चाँद को चाँदनी मुबारक,

फलक को सितारे मुबारक.
सितारों को बुलंदी मुबारक.

और आप को हमारी तरफ से:-
रमज़ान मुबारक Happy Ramadan 2016

Happy Ramadan Wishes Whatsapp Messages Status DP Ecards Wishes Hindi English Urdu

A Glass of Care A Plate of Love A Spoon of Peace A Fork of Truth & A Bowl of Duaas. Mix with spices of QURAAN. Enjoy This Meal. RAMADAN MUBARAK

Hope you liked this collection of Ramadan Mubarak short sms wishes messages in Hindi English. Soon we will add the messages of Ramajan Mubarak in Malayalam Telugu language also.

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