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RBI Being trolled As Depositing Rs 5000 Rule Rolled Back

RBI & Modi Being trolled As Depositing Rs 5000 Rule Rolled Back : The Reserve Bank of India has withdrawn the Rs 5000 KYC Rule that was made on 19 November 2016,Monday. That gave Twitterati a chance to troll RBI and Modi government. They are making fun of them over Facebook and Twitter.

Twitterati Making Fun On RBI’s U-Turn On Rs 5000 KYC Rule

funny tweets and jokes RBI Rolled Back Rs 500 KYC rule

On 19 December 2016, The Reserve Bank of India made laws more strict by stating that old Currency Notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 can be deposited only once if the sum is more than Rs 5000 and that too in only KYC compliant accounts. And if any one deposit it more than once then they will be liable to answer the questions asked by the Bank officials. If your account was not KYC compliant then only upto amount of Rs 50,000 can be deposited and these account will be examined.

Jokes Tweets On RBI Roll Back Decision

However, today, RBI rolled back the decision, seeing the growing anger among people. The process was already creating a lot of confusion and there was frustrating people. The decision was Rolled back for KYC compliant customers. So those who have not done KYC in their Bank account have to give explanation while Depositing a sum more than Rs 5000.

Funny Troll Tweets As RBI Withdraw KYC Rule On Deposition

Twitterati reacts on this Roll Back of Decision and tweeted some really funny status. Let’s see how they react on this.

Aaj Koi Kaam Ni Hai !!!

Roz Badlega Instruction

Arvind Kezrival – RBI Chief

Jhoot Bole…..

Wow Brilliant Move ….

Moody Girlfriend !!!!

So what do you think why this is happening?? First government told that old notes can be deposited till 30 December and then this rule came. After that they they rolled back the Rule partially. Share your thoughts with us below in the comment section.

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