Rumors Of iPhone 8 Going Viral Over Web ~ Unbelievable Features

Check the unbelievable features & of iPhone 8 that are going viral over web. Are these features for real check here the expected specs and new features we may see in iPhone 8 which is to be launch next year,as per rumor.

Latest iPhone 8 Features & Specs Rumors

Latest iPhone 8 Features & Specs Rumors

It has only been a few months since the release of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus and when all of us were trolling the makers over the headphone Jack removal, yet people started making rumors speculations over iPhone8 and it’s release in 2017.

iPhone is known for its great specs and features. It’s been revolutionary. On it’s 10th anniversary year, Apple is planning at-least one new member to iPhone. And it sport some really great features. There is also a news that to Apple will add a new iPad size to the lineup and it will be around 10.1 to 10.5 to 10.9 inches,12.9-inch iPad Pro and the longstanding 9.7-inch iPad format, according to different reports. So what are they let’s have a look what could we expect in 2017 ??

Top Features Of iPhone 8 Expected To Release In 2017

It’s been 10 years in production which is surely not easy to reach here. It is hard to guess what they will offer to us. But according to reports and rumors going around regarding New iPhone 8 release, it will provided with Organic LED (OLED) display for more power efficient and yield better images than Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) display, which apple currently uses in all its iPhone and iPads. It could possibly without its Traditional Home Button and it will be replaced by Finger Print Sensor which will be built right on its display.

Other Interesting Features Rumored About iPhone 8

  • It is rumored that, Apple is expected to launch its new iPhone using flexible [active-matrix] OLED display in 2017.
  • Apple apparently is asking suppliers for enough fold able / flexible OLED panel to meet up the demand.
  • The new phone may well have an A-11 processor
  • Wireless Charging could also be there
  • The screen itself could be made from plastic and not glass
  • Colours could include red this time

Are The Features Of iPhone 8 Rumored Really So ??

It could not be said whether iPhone 8 features that are being rumored around web are for really going to be embedded or not but one thing for sure, if they are really making preparing for it people gonna buy it.

Another truth is that despite enjoying tremendous popularity around the world, Apple’s impact in India has been uncharacteristically weak and many of us can’t afford to buy the iPhone without thinking twice.

So what you have to say on this. What do you think about these features especially flexible OLED, which LG is also working on for 2018. What Say ??? You may LIKE our FACEBOOK pageSUNO BAWA” and share it also with your friends. Do share this with friends, it is a good quality indeed.

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