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SBI ATM Dispensed Fake 2000 Rupee Notes With Churan Lable

Remember the day when PM Modi announced new Rs 200 note & removal of all previous Rs 500 & Rs 1000 note ?? A lot has happened since the demonetization process. We have seen seen people in support of this process & some not so supportive.

But one thing that was claimed by the RBI & government was that the new 2000 Rupees note can’t be forged & it is difficult to print the copy of new note as done by earlier by the Terrorist Groups  & using it for funding in India. Recently we saw in news that the fake notes are already circulating in the market.

And now there is claim by a person that SBI ATM dispensed fake notes with Churan Lable. Check whole news here at how Children Bank Of India notes came out from the reputed Bank SBI.

SBI ATM Gave Out Children’s Bank Of India Rs 2000 Churan Notes

 A shocking incident has happened recently when a guy named Rohit Kumar went to SBI ATM in South Delhi’s Sangam Vihar area for withdrawl.

The notes that came out of this ATM were all faked. The notes were Chran labeled note stating “Children Bank of India” on them. The guy withdrawl 4 notes of denomination 2000 and each of these notes were fake.

All these notes look almost similar to the real notes. The font in which 2000 written was also similar to the original note. The fake notes were labeled as “Churan Lable”  & Series Printed in increase size as “000000”.

There was a pledge written on fake Rs 2000 note by SBI ATM as “I promise to pay the bearer a slip of Rs 2000”.

SBI ATM Dispensed Fake 2000 Rupee Notes With Churan Lable

This guy after noticing these forge notes, immediately went to Police Station and lodged a complaint. According to reports the investigator of that case when tried to withdraw cash from that same SBI ATM, get shocked to get the similar notes with Children Bank of India.

This is not the first time when we have seen issues with Rupees 200 notes. Earlier 2000 new notes without Gandhi Ji’s image on it shocked a farmer from Bihar. And surprisingly the case also had SBI associated with it.

What SBI Has To Say On These Fake Churan Lable Notes

When it came to bank’s notice through media reports, they clarified that these notes can’t be dispensed from their ATMs. This must be some kind of Prank played by pranksters.

SBI official stated, ” SBI has in place at Currency Chests a very robust system for monitoring the quality of notes.” They further said all notes are processed through the latest state-of-the-art Note Sorting Machines before they are received by the bank or ATM.

They further added, the complainant didn’t approach the branch after this incident. And As of now, that ATM is sealed for further investigation; the CCTV footage has been handed over to the police. Here’s the press release released by SBI;

Well, if this news found really true, then we must say strict actions should be taken against this irresponsible act. One thing for sure is that all this incident reminded us of the notes which we all had tried to fool shopkeepers to get some Toffees or Chocolates, but failed. What you all have to say on this incident.

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