Emirates Mistook Sushant To Be Dhoni How Sehwag Trolled Them Check Here

How Virendra Sehwag trolled Emirates, after they mistook Sushant Singh Rajpoot to be Dhoni. You will surely have a smile on your face after seeing both the mistake as well as epic reaction from Sehwag.

Int News Emirates Commits Faux pas Mistaking Sushant As Dhoni


Emirates 247, a Dubai-based online news website covered MS Dhoni stepping down as Indian limited over captain but they mistakenly put Sushant Singh Rajpoot pic. After the announcement from MS Dhoni came that he is stepping down many news websites featured it and one such new website was Emirate 24/7. They tweeted :

Virat Kohli replaces Dhoni as new Indian limited overs captain https://t.co/ejC4ZknSzYpic.twitter.com/nyX3pRWdo1

— Emirates 24|7 (@Emirates247) January 7, 2017

But the pic they uploaded was of Reel Life MS Dhoni in place of actual pic of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. However they later deleted the pic. So reason can be understood, how they make this blunder.

Then Comes Sehwag To Troll Emirates 247 For Their Mistake

Seeing the image of Sushant, who played the role of then India’s ODI & T20 captain, Virender Sehwag trolled the brand hilariously. He wrote to them with his twitter handler not mistake him with another guy as he prepares to board a flight with them soon.

He put an image of his look alike while tweeting it. And you will surely laugh reading this tweet.

So, it was a nice reply from Sehwag to realize them what mistake they have done. But here comes the twist. When Sehwag tweeted this he mentioned the Emirates in his tweet. Then for whom it meant for ???

Now, here is the catch, ‘Emirates 24|7’ is a media news website while the ‘Emirates’ is an airline company. Actually Sehwag’s tweets was meant to troll Emirates 24|7 instead of Emirates-The airlines.

Sehwag too mistook Emirates247 as the same brand as Emirates Airline but the latter replied to the troll, saving Viru from getting trolled in return. In Sehwag’s troll reply the airline tweeted,

They tweeted “@virendersehwag No worries, we’ve got your back. We look forward to your next flight with us. @Emirates247,” assuring him that they do know who the real Sehwag is, putting a real image of him in the tweet.

But the actually who was to be actually trolled remained unaware of this. So how you like this Trolling Incident of our very own Troll King Virendra Sehwag.

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