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Shahid Afridi Announced Retirement One More Time~Trolls Tweets

Shahid Afridi, one of the most loved All-Rounder of Paksitan cricket team has once again annonced his retirement from the International Cricket. He will not be a part of Pak team anymore in any of the cricketing format.

But this is not a big news for his fans as he has done this many times. Check out how twitterati reacts on his retirement news this time.

Shahid Afridi Retired For Real ?? Or Having A Comeback Soon ??

We have seen news on multiple occasion when he announced retirement from Int Cricket but later which would turn out to be his comeback.

These days Paksitan Cricket League is going on & during this he said, “Whatever international cricket I had to play I have played. I am not playing the league to stage a comeback to the Pakistan team. It’s goodbye. It’s a goodbye for me in international cricket and I have already said that, but I once again said that it’s the end of international cricket for me. I will continue to play league cricket for another two years and then concentrate on my foundation, which is important for me.”

So he said he will no longer play for his nation but continue cricket in such leagues. His fans must be disappointed with his decision & might be literally waiting for his comeback news. But Twitterati seems to enjoy this news & speculating his possible comeback with Trolls.

Funny Jokes Troll Tweets On Shahid Afridi Retirement From Cricket

Don’t know about you, but yes we are expecting a comeback soon may be in Champions Trophy. LOL !!!! Tell us your views on his Reretirement.

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