Funny reaction Tweets Jokes Memes After Sonu Nigam Gone Bald As Promised

Sonu Nigam is in spotlight since past few days for his tweets that he left for the use of loud speaker in early morning for Azaan in Maszid.On his tweets a Kolkata-based cleric, announced a reward of Rs 10 lakh to anybody who tonsured the Bollywood singer and garland him with old shoes, after his complaint on Twitter about being woken up by azaans.

In response of this Fatwa raised against him by Syed Sha Atef Ali Al Quaderi, the vice-president of West Bengal United Minority Council, he said that “so this is not religious gundagardi” and that he will get his hair shaved. Today the famous Bollywood singer kept his words as his stand and shaved his head in defiance of a fatwa issued against him.

Twitter Funny Jokes Tweets Memes Pics On Sonu Nigam Shaved Head

Check how people reacted on Sonu move of going Bald. Some of these reactions are quite funny and people are appreciating him with jokes & funny tweets on shaving his head.

It all started when Sonu Nigam expressed frustration about being woken up by “Azaan” every morning forcefully. And he was thrashed brutually by the twitteratis for his act & many called it as Anti-Muslim. But he stand on his point and gone bald today after in response to a fatwa issued against him.

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After his this move people reacted in a funny way and also appreciated his bold move. Check what people tweeted about him going bald.

Sonu Nigam Funny Jokes Tweets Pics Memes On Going Bald


OMG!!!! Sonu Knows It All before ???


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