Cricketer Suresh Raina & Shikhar Dhawan Break The Beard Challenge Video

We have seen in recent past that Beard is new swag and many of the boys started to keep beard. And soon it started to count as a SwAg factor. We saw many in social media quotes like “Respect The Beard” and soon saw some merchandise also with these slogans.

But it seems the days of keeping a beard have gone and now its time take off that beard. Yes, these days there is new challenge going on in social media sites which is “Break The Beard” challenge. This challenge is becoming popular not only among common social media users but also among our favorite cricketers. Check who have recently joined this challenge and completed it after Ravindra Jadeja.

Watch Break The Beard Challenge Video Of Suresh Raina & Shikhar Dhawan

After watching many crazy challenges including Ice Bucket Challnege, Rice Bucket Challenge, Beat Pe Booty challenge, Mannequin Challenge now it is time for Break The Beard challenge.

As keeping the beard is becoming more popular among youths and it is now a style statement also that also looks cool here comes the difficult challenge for the guyz who love to grow beard. Break The Beard challenge asks the participants to cut the beard short or shave it completely.

We saw Ravindra Jadeja during IPL 10 has accepted this challenge and break his beard. Followed by him Zaheer Khan, Hardik Pandya and Rohit Sharma took this challenge and also completed it.

But the latest ones to follow are none other than Suresh Raina and Shikhar Dhawan. Both the cricketers posted a video on their Twitter account in whcih you can see them trimming the beard. And they showed smartness here while completing this challenge and don’t completely clean shaved rather kept the beard in a very stylish way. Check video below.
Suresh Raina Video Of Beard Challenge

If in case video doesn’t play check what look Suresh has got now and what was it before.

Suresh Raina Break The Beard Challenge Video Watch New Look

Shikhar Dhawan Video Of Beard Challenge

IPL might be over but swag is timeless. Here is my wakhra #BreakTheBeard look. Stay Unique, look unique #NewLook

A post shared by Shikhar Dhawan (@shikhardofficial) on

Check His Old & New Look Comparison If Video Doesn’t Play.

Shikhar Dhawan Break The Beard Challenge Video Watch New Look

Interestingly, Virat Kohli was also given this challenge by fellow cricketers but he doesn’t accept the challenge rather posted this pic on Instagram.

Have anyone given you this Beard Trimming Challenge till now ?? Will you take it or keep your beard untouched ?? Share with us.

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