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Now You Will Watch This Indian Wrestler In WWE Ring

Check if Sushil Kumar really going to join World Wrestling Entertainment after Great Khali or it is just a rumor? When he will debut in WWE in 2017?? Is it a confirm news that Sushil Singh will join WWE and sign contract ?? so check here answers to all your question about this news.

Sushil Kumar Debuting In WWE Soon Confirmed

It seems that the 2 time Olympic medalist, the Indian wrestling legend in now following the footprints of The Great Khali. Yes, you are getting it right. You will see him in the ring of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) very soon.

A Lot has already been speculated about Sushil’s debut in WWE. Last year, in October Sushil was offered a gig by WWE’s Canyon Ceman. He was approached by WWE officials but was very reluctant in the start to join in. Not only by WWE officials but it was also in news that TNA officials also contacted him for the same reason but it seems now the former one has won the race.

When Will Sushil Play His First Fight In WWE Debut Possibly ??

If reports are to be believed, Sushil will be debuting WWE in the month of November this year i.e. 2017.

A source close to Sushil said “Ever since he was offered to join the WWE ring, he was never in thought of it and didn’t paid much attention to these offers. But after repeated calls from the WWE representatives, a negotiation has been settled, in terms of finances.”

“But the major issue, in this case, is Sushil’s willingness to continue an amateur wrestling career,Hence, November will be a good time for him to give this entire format a shot, post the regular wrestling season” – said the source.

Last year, 2016 was not that good for the wrestler as he fails to qualify to Rio Olympic and that’s why he didn’t make his mind at that time. On Becoming professional wrestler player, he earliermade it clear that it doesn’t matter and there are No boundaries in sport. He said, “Mein khiladi hoon, aur mera kaam sirf khelna hai. And as far as I am concerned, there are no boundaries in sport. At the end of the day, personal, professional and other divides slur and only pure game surges ahead,”

We can’t wait anymore to see this Indian wrestling legend making his presence in World Wrestling Entertainment Ring. What do you think about his decision ???? Would it be good for him ??

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