OMG !!! Swami Om Slapped Salman At Bigg Boss House See Video

After being Kicked Out of Bigg Boss 10 House, Swami Om is claiming that he has slapped Salman Khan. Check here what he actually did before getting out of the Bigg Boss House.

Watch Video Swami Om Slapped Salman Khan In Bigg Boss 10

Swami Om who created a lot of Buzz in the house with different controversies that he created is finally out of the show. But after coming out of Bigg Boss House, Swami Om is claiming what we all can’t easily believe to.

His frustrations goes high to a great extent and he is constantly accusing contestants for some or the other reason. He is blaming them for kidnapping him and besides it he also made shocking revelations about Salman Khan.

First he accused that Salman is an ISI agent and at the same time he alleged that his food was adulterated with some drugs.

But now there is a video which is going to shock you. The video shows Swami Om’s Interview to a TV channel in which he is telling about actual reason of being kicked out of the Bigg Boss House. Check the video below.

Swami OM Slapped Hit Salman Khan In Bigg Boss Interview Video

Real Reason Why Swami Om Was Kicked Out Of Bigg Boss 10

There are also reports that he is threatening about creating hurdles in the finale if the makers don’t give him a wild card entry. Om Swami says he will hit Salman Khan.

He is claiming the he hit salman and that is why he is out of house and not because of the incident took place.

So what do you all think is this Swami Om Another controversy to get attention or he actually Slapped Salman ???? Share your view below in comment section and share and LIKE this FACEBOOK PAGE SUNOBAWA.XYZ with your friends.

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