This Businessman Surrendered His 6k Crore Cash

Ever since Pm Narendra Modi has banned old notes of 500 and 100 denomination regarding Black Money and Corruption issues, problems for those who have Black Money are in trouble. With this Master Stroke of Modi there is great effect on Black Money circulation, Corruption and Terrorism. Without any notice, the government banned high denomination currency notes and make people’s Lakhs & Crore of Black Money all in vain.

Who Submitted 6000 Crore Rs Black Money & Surrendered ?

This is the result of difficult decision that we are hearing news from various places in country people are finding bags full of Rupees 500 and 100 cash. Now people are believing positive effects are now coming with this decision of government.

lal ji bhai patel from surat surrendered his black money

If we believe reports, a Businessman from Gujarat has surrendered himself with cash amount of Rs 600 Crore. If this is comes to be a true report then this businessman will have to pay Rs5400 Crore as 200% Penalty and 30% tax.

Lal Ji Bhai Patel From Surat Surrendered His Black Money ?

According to reports this person is famous businessman of Surat Gujarat. He is a builder and a Diamond merchant, whose name is Lal Ji Bhai Patel. In past years he was in news for charity for Society Welfare. He comes from big Diamond merchant and Builder. He is also known for his big heart as he gives his workers expensive gifts during festival.

This is surprising that he is that same Lal Ji Bhai Patel who was in news for BuyingModi’s Suit-Jacket. After which he got famous.

However, even after this submission economist believes that in fight of corruption and Black Money this is not enough. But with this surrender there is a Hope that those who still have money stored in large number in Black, they have to bow down in front of Government.

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