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This Is What PM Modi Announced on 31st New year Eve 2016

So here is big announcement from PM Modi on new Year Eve 2017. Check what Narendra Modi had announced in his live speech while he address to nation on 31st Eve. Check out What he announced on last day of 2016 in his second big speech after Demonetization Speech that he gave on 8th Nov 2016.

PM Modi 31 December Speech Key Point Announcement

In his speech he started saying that will welcome the new year with new decisions, new spirits.  He said in 2016 after Deepawali India has become witness to a Purification Process. India is now fighting against the corruption and everyone is fighting together in this biggest problem of our country, Corruption Evil. He said in Shayarana andaaz “Kuch Baat Hai Ki Hasti Mit Ti nahi hamari”

Indian faced problem while being in long queues for hours for your own money in banks and ATMs. It has proved how important sachhai and achhai are to all Indians. The pain all of  you borne will be an example for generations. In New Year we hope to take the bank towards normal functioning,he added.

PM Modi New Scheme Announced For 2017 on 31st Dec Speech

PM Modi's 31st eve speech announcement for farmers msme pregnant women

He said if great leaders Lal Bahadur Shastri, JP Narayan, Lohia were here, they would bless all Indians for their patience and discipline  that they have shown. He said, There government is a friend of the honest and will surely to bring the dishonest back on the right track.

New Loan Scheme For Farmer & MSME In Modi Speech 31st Dec

He then came to new schemes that government is planning to bring for 2017 and upcoming years. In 2017, villagers who want to build their homes or expand them will get loans for it at low interest rates. In his speech he also mentioned the Interest Rates for these Loans For loans up to 2 lakh there will 3 per cent interest relief; for loans upto 9 lakh, it is 4 per cent and for loans upto 12 lakh – 3 per cent interest relief will be given. PM Modi announced that this year Rabi  harvest has been high, and Rs 20,000 Crore in NABARD has been  funded to give loans to farmers.

Beside this made announcement for MSMEs. He said that as agriculture Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises is as important.

Now credit guarantee has been raised from 1 crore to 2 crore for the small entrepreneurs and loans from NBFCs is also included in this. For small businesses cash credit limit raised to 25 per cent from 20 per cent.

Regarding Digital Transactions he said that the tax will be charge at 6 per cent in place of 8.

Announcement For Pregnant Women In Modi Speech 31st Dec

For pregnant women a National Scheme is also launched and under this scheme an amount of Rs 6000 will be transferred to their account directly for their delivery, vaccination, for nutritious meals. For senior citizens, 8 per cent interest will be given on their deposits up to Rs. 7.5 lakh.

He also mentioned the Launch of BHIM mobile application which is launched on 30 Dec and he encouraged people to use it as much as possible.

He remind of First Satyagraha by Gandhi Ji and said that even after 100 years Indians have still same strength. He says don’t let to stop this fight against corruption & Black Money. Ending his speech he said,The new year is coming with rays of new resolves. Let us all overcome all obstacles and build a new future.

So what do you think about PM Modi’s announcement on New year’s Eve and what big announcements are about to come from him against Black Money, corruption and to swept out all corrupts from our country ???

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