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Top 10 Best Fidget Spinner Under Rs 1000~Cheap Low Price Finger/Hand Spinner

Fidget Spinner, they are craze nowadays for many and others don’t like them at all. Well most of us don’t know the use of Fidget spinner but some people are using them as stress-buster & making concentration, while others are using it as to Pass their time on Metro journey. Not only this some using tricks on Fidget Spinners and making videos of their tricks on finger / hand spinner.

But as we said they are craze among many we are here covering an article on best 10 fidget spinners of 2017 which are otherwise called finger/hand Spinners as well. You won’t believe that these fidget spinners are available in price as high as Rs 30 thousand but we have here made a list of cheap price affordable fidget spinner to buy from Amazon or Flipkart online under a price of Rupees 1000 with & without LED light in them.

2017 Cheap Low Price Top 10 Best Finger/Hand Spinners To Buy Online

The list includes different cool & unique fidget spinner in a range from Rs. 200 and comes under Rs 1000 or less than $20. Some of these have plastic body, some have metallic body while some also have LED lights in them. So let’s start from cheapest or lowest priced fidget spinner that you can buy in India. The link to buy these fidget sinners are also provided below each in the list.

#1 : Flipzone Fidget Hand Spinner : Starting with a basic one in the list is Flipzone Fidget Hand Spinner. It is completely made out of plastic and is simple in design with light weight. You just hold it in your hand spin it around. In terms of spinning it is not the best one but yes to start with it is and also well balanced. You might not want to be around people as it does make a little bit of sound while spinning but that’s ok with price of Rs (Check Below) & easily fit in your pocket without any issues.

Spin Time : In case of normal spinning it will last for 30 second and with full power it will last for around 1 minute.

Check Price & Buy

#2 : Chrome Edition Fidget Spinner : The second on this list of cheap fidget spinner is Chrome Edition spinner. It is much heavier as compared to the number first we talked above. Depending on the color option you choose it will cost you anywhere from Rs 300 to Rs 400. It has really nice build quality with metallic finish. When you spin it around it give give a sense of hypnotism with hypnotic design. You will spend a lot of time spinning it  as it spins very easily whether you spin it one of your hand or both hands. So definitely check this out.

Spin Time : The spin time for this chrome spinner is 2 & Half minutes to 3 minutes.

Check present price @ Amazon

#3 : Quad Spinner (Folkulture Fidget Spinner Toy): This one in the list is one of my favorite. Special thing about this spinner is that not only in centre but also in all three sides you have option to spin. So you have three bearing on either side of the spinner letting you spin around those bearing and you also have option as full fledged bearing at the centre. The spinner is of very high quality and comes in beautiful Matte Black color. It will cot you around Rs 400.

Spin Time : You can spin it easily from 3 minute to 4 minute in one go.

Check Price

#4 : LED Spinner : This is also a unique one in the list as you read it is a LED Fidget spinner. The good thing about this is that you can also control the LED lights per your need which has options that will make LED blink very fast, fast or slow. You can press the white button on either side to turn on LEDs and then spinning it will give a really cool & tripping effect. But don’t forget to turn them off when not in use as they consume battery. It is made out of plastic and not the best in terms built quality. It does make some sounds while it slows down but those LEDs make up for it. It is available at a price of Rs 400, check below the spin time.

Spin Time : This dazzling LED Fidget spinner has a spin time of 3 minutes.

Buy Here

#4 : Round Spinner : The next one on list is antifiction Omega EDC Hand Table Round Fidget Spinner. It has got a very high bult quality and made out of aluminum. It looks great on hand and weighs only 30-35 grams and is not very heavy. This round fidget spinner is available at a price of Rs 500. It is available in varied color options to pick like grey, blue, pink and gold.

Spin Time : You can easily spin this round fidget spinner for more than 3 minutes.

Check & Buy Here

#5 : Captain America Fidget Spinner : SO you are a marvel fan?? specially Captain America ?? then this Captain America shield spinner is for you. The good thing about it is that you 2 sides to look on. On one side it has traditional shield design while on other side there is a hypnotic ring design which looks great on hand while spinning. Beside this you can also spin the centre star only of this Captain America Shield Spinner while holding the Fidget in your hand. It doesn’t make noise while spinning and keeps you engaged. It is well weighted with great balance and is available at a price of Rs 499. So a good fidget spinner to buy under Rs 500 from Amazon or Flipkart.

Spin Time : You can easily spin this thing for 2 minutes

Buy Here

Best 4 Fidget Spinner From Rs 500 to 1000 To Buy Online

#7 Bluelife Fidget Spinner : It is amde out of stainless steel bearing and will cost you around Rs 550. It looks hardcore and Japanese Ninja weapon. The body is made up of Aluminum and does have a little bit of sound so if you are around people, they may get annoyed with the sound after sometime. It is really light weight and can spin easily for 4 minutes. So experience you get with it really makes up for it.

Spin Time  : 4 Minutes

Price Check Here

#8 : Blaze UFO Spinner : Number eight on this list guys, is Blaze UFO Spinner. It is pretty much similar like the above one but has got a higher quality of ball bearing in it. It spins pretty smooth without any issues for good 4-5 minutes. It is made out of aluminum and comes with a wristband also. This spinner from Blaze is easy to spin and is well balanced. You can flick it with one hand or both of your hand. Yes being metallic it does make some sounds and you will thoroughly enjoy it.

Buy From Amazon

#9 : The next product on our list for Rs 790 is the Full Metal Turbo Speed fidget spinner. Whether or not a turbo spinner depends on how much pressure you use to spin it around. It is really heavy and you may hurt yourself with it while you try to stop it with your fingers. Good thing about it is that it doesn’t make any noise while spinning and sound completely silent. So be careful while using it. Despite the fact it is heavy, it is made out of some high quality metal.

Fully Metal Turbo Speed Fidget Tri-Hand Spinner Buy

#10 : Brass Hex Spinner : The last one the list goes way over one thousand rupees but is necessary to include in list (Now Price Has been Dropped, check below). This Fidget spinner is made out of Brass and machined really well. It has 6 outer arms with rubber bands on them. Well rubber bands doesn’t make it good in fact they make it somewhat off-balance while spinning as they got out of these arms. But if you all rubber bands from the arms then it is a perfect fidget spinner that you can opt for. It has got good weight in it. These hexes (arms) can also be removed from the spinner or you can reduce them to 4 or 2 as well.

Buy From Here & Get More Info

Bonus Fidget Spinner In List :

2017 Hex Fidget Spinner With Spin Time Of 3-5. It has high build quality metal. Check Hex Spinner Price.

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