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List  Of Top 5 Biggest & Largest Shopping Malls In World : Malls, the place where we all love to visit for shopping and to spend some good time with family and friends. We saw many stores of some big brands of clothing & accessories, food courts, and for entertainment we have multiplex there to enjoy cinema.

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Top 5 Biggest & Largest Shopping Malls In Whole World 2017

Today we have provided you a list of Top 5 biggest & largest shopping malls in the whole World (China, Philippines, USA, UK, UAE-Dubai, Singapore, Iran). The list provided below includes Super Shopping Malls situated in different continents Asia, Europe, America, & Australia. The list provided below is based on May 2017 and will be updated frequently.

#5. SM Megamall in Mandaluyong, Philippines

This mall is considered as the third biggest shopping mall in the Philippines, after SM City Sta. Mesa and the SM City North EDSA. SM Mega mall is part of SM Megamalls chain of SM Prime Holdings, a company owned by Henry Sy, Sr.

Top 5 Best Super Shopping Malls In World SM-City-North-EDSA

It covers area of 5.45 million square feet and is being divided in 2 buildings. SM cinemas, Toy Kingdom, Food Court and other similar stores are located at building A while the Building B has Super market or department store.

In 2011 there was addition of Building C using the open space of parking facility located at building A. While in 2014 the mall was further exapanded taking up the space from 2nd building. Now it has Mega Fashion Hall which has a 5-level mall with several clothing retailers of the world and 2-level basement parking.

#4. SM City North EDSA, In Philippines

SM City North EDSA mall is situated at Quezon City in Philippines. It was biggest shopping mall in Philippines as well as largest shopping mall in Southeastern Asia. Counting in whole world it comes in 4th spot. It is spread over 5,360,000 sq ft area.

Top 5 Best Super Shopping Malls In World SM Megamall in Mandaluyong

It was first mall in SM megamall chain that was built & opened back in 1985. In 2014 it was surpassed by SM Megamall in Ortigas that become the largest shopping mall in the country.

The mall after its renovation in various stages has now a City Center, Interior Zone including the Car Park Plaza (Annex 1), The Annex (Annex 2), The Block (Annex 3), the North Link (Annex 4), the Sky Garden, the Warehouse and The Grass Residences. You can see many building with something special built in each of them. For example Sky Garden’s water include two bubblers, a simulated river flowing at the central part of the park, and waterfalls

#3. Persian Gulf Complex In Shiraz, Iran

With the most number of shops this mall in Iran is biggest in the world. Persian Gulf Complex is situated in Shiraz, Iran and covers 5,400,000 sq ft area. It has four floors only for parking of more than 5000 vehicles at a time.

Top 5 Best Super Shopping Malls In World Persian Gulf Complex

It offers numerous facilities including a tennis court, indoor & outdoor swimming pool, convention centre a helipad and amusement park.The list not ends here it also has a bowling alley, billiard hall, six 240 seats cinema hall. So you can call it a luxurious hotel rather than calling it just a shopping mall.

#2. Golden Resources Mall (China)

This property is also in China. Golden Resources Mall is 2nd biggest Shopping Mall in the World. It is located at Beijing, China. It has six floors spread in 6 million square feet total area. And in these six floors there are more than 100 stores and more than 200 escalators. That is the reason Golden Resources Mall is also called Great Mall of China or Jin Yuan (in Chinese).

Top 5 Best Super Shopping Malls In World Golden Resources Mall

It was built in 2004 and it took them 20 months to built it. Until the New South China Mall was built in 2005, it was the biggest mall in the world.

#1. New South China mall

In terms of gross leasable area this shopping mall of China with 7,100,000 sq ft is biggest in the world and stand #1 among all. It is situated at Dongguan in China. While it stood 2nd when counting in terms of total area with 9,600,000 sq ft after The Dubai Mall. The New South China Mall was built 2005. There are around 2,350 stores in this mall. This mall is that big that you might require a map to get to know different location inside mall. But since its opening in 2005 many of the store are still vacant.

Top 5 Best Super Shopping Malls In World New South China Mall

The main attraction of New South China Mall is its divisions. Yes, the mall is divided in 7 zones that are modeled on famous cities , Countries etc. These 7 regions in mall have replica of famous place from Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, the Caribbean, Egypt,California and Venice.

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