So IPL 2017 Final Match Was Fixed ? Check The Reason Here Why

The 10th season of Indian Premier League ended with Mumbai clinching the title from Rising Pune Super Giants in an low scoring thriller match. This the 3rd time Mumbai won the league title.

Though the title was won by MI but it was really a nail biting encounter that no one had expected except a Twitter user. Yes, soon after the final of IPL 10 a twitter account has surfaced which made precise predictions about the match on 20th May, just 1 day before the match. Let’s check out what this guy predicted about the IPL 10 final match and how much close his prediction was that cricketing fans are doubting the fixing of IPL-10 final match.

Twitter User Made True Prediction Before IPL 10 Final Match

In any of the big match happening predictions are something which the fans can’t avoid. They predict the match result & winner team, total run a team will score etc. And when the tournament is IPL no fan can remain untouched of it. They surely predict something about the match but it rarely goes right.

But you will be surprised to know that a Twitter user made 9 predictions of the IPL 10 2017 final match and all of them went right. This twitter user has an account name Cricket Insider(@theDcricket).

On May 20 he tweeted series of predictions about the IPL final match that was to be played on 21st May  between Rising Pune Supergiant (RPS) and 2 time champions, Mumbai Indians (MI). Check below the list of predictions that he made.

20 May Tweets Of IPL 2017 Final Match By Cricket Insider

IPL 10 Final Match Prediction Number 1 About Toss & Batting Team

Mumbai Indians won the toss and chose to bat first as we saw in last match of IPL.
Prediction Number 2 About Rahul Tripathi

Wow !! Prediction that too about Rahul Tripathi and not on a big name and it also goes right.

Prediction Number 3 About No Balls

No, “No Balls” were bowled in this match as predicted

Prediction No. 4 For Mumbai Score

Being final of IPL fans expected a high scorer encounter but after batting first Mumbai only managed to score 129 in IPL 10 final. So he made right prediction. How he did that ?? (Read Below)

Prediction No 5 About Parthiv Patel Batting

Parthiv Patel scored just 4 runs in finale in 10 balls. So that was also correct guess.

Prediction Number 6 For Steve Smith Strike Rate

Smith played highest for his team and got out in last over after scoring 51 runs in 50 balls. So this was also a close prediction if not exact.

Prediction Number 7 About Pollard Batting

Pollard hit the six on very first ball and got out 2 balls after that.

Prediction Number 8 About Highest Scorer

Yes, Smith indeed score highest (51 runs).

Prediction Number 9 Winning Team & Winning Over

The biggest prediction is one of the winner team. He predicted that Mumbai will win (Even after scoring 129) and also he predicted the last over will be the winning over.

How Twitter User Predicted Everything Right About IPL 10 Final Match

But How This Happened & IPL Final Prediction made by this Twitter user /account Went All Right?? Is he a genius or really a Cricket Insider ?? Well he is neither of these two and Truth is IPL 10 final match MI vs RPS was not fixed. Check below the Trick Used by Twitter User to make all his prediction go right.

Actually there is a trick behind all these correct predictions. So what is the trick that makes all the predictions correct for IPL 10 final match MI vs RPS ?? Here it is done in steps.

  1. Create a new Twitter Account with some interesting name. He choose in this case, Cricket Insider.
  2. Now 1 day before the match tweet all the expected result of Toss, first batting team, players & their performance, total runs, wickets taken and everything.
  3. Wait for match to end and check for your true predictions. Keep all those tweets which are correct and delete the wrong ones.
  4. Now share all your tweets to gains attention and followers on Twitter.

Now you know how he made every prediction correct about the IPL-10 2017 finale match between Mumbai Indians and Rising Pune Supergiant.

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