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WannaCry Ransomeware : How It Affects Info & Details Precautions

You must have heard about Wannacry Ransomware virus in recent days. The menace of ‘Wannacry‘, a strong and globally active Ransomware virus is out. It has already affected many users in more than 250 countries.

And if you haven’t given it an attention then you probably don’t know much about it. So check here what actually is Ransomware attack and how does it affects your PC (Computer). Get all details and info about Ransomware Virus attack and how to be safe from its attack. Check out what precautions can you take to protect / prevent getting affected with it.

Wannacry Ransomware Virus Attack Full Info & Details

As the name suggest, Ransomware is malware attack on your PC to lock you out of your system and keeping all your personal data & information in hands of attackers. In order to get your data back & full access to your PC the attackers demand some Ransom from you. This is why it is named Ransomware Attack. It claims once you pay the asked amount to the attackers only then you can Uninstall Wannacry Ransomware from your PC.

Who Are The Attackers Responsible For WannaCry Ransomware Virus Attack

The attack has took the computer world by a surprise. It has affected many organizations till now. National Health Services computers along with many hospitals in UK have been affected with this attack. So who are responsible for it and behind the WannCry Ransamware Attacks. Read below.

It all started when when a hacker group called “Shadow Brokers” hacked a tool called ‘Eternal Blue’ from America’s military investigation organization NSA (National Security Agency) in the month of April this year. They dumped it online so that they can make some money with it.

Actually this tool enable NSA to to get full access to any of the Microsoft’s software as reported.

Recently a blogger from England accidentally halted the spreading and infecting of the ransomware. But soon they realize their mistake they came up with a newer code which gets connected to a different domain. So this virus / malware phishing attack is still active.

What Is It & Other Names Of Ransomeware

So it is a common Phising attack done on victim’s Personal Computer. As said earlier it critically infects computers and locks them remotely. It is known to be spreading with the name “WannaCry”, “WanaCrypt0r 2.0”, and “WCry”.

How It Get Installed Active On Your PC

WannaCry can infect your computer in many ways. One such method that it can install itself in your PC is through email attachments. And as soon as you open it it gets installed in your PC & Congrats !! You are already infected. What To Do ??? Read Below.

How Much Money Does WannaCry Virus Demand To Unlock PC

Once get affected with you won’t be able to access your PC in a usual way.It locks up all your files and encrypts them. So how much it demand to get back access to your files?? Here is the answer

It will ask you for payment through Bitcoin. It gives you an receiver ID in which you have to pay $250-$350 more or less in Bitcoin (Crypto Currency). And they give some time for the payment. If you fail to make payment to the suggested Bitcoin Address than they double the amount and give you some more time. If you still fail to pay then they they won’t give back to you, access to your PC Files & Documents.

What Steps To Be Taken Once Infected From WannaCry Virus

So have you been a infected with it already and now yo want to know what to do next and what steps to be followed to get back access to your PC.

Unfortunately, here we must say that, there’s nothing much you can do. If you are thinking that after making the said payment to the certain ID Bitcoin Wallet address then remember that it is not guaranteed that you’d get back your whole data.

Prevention & Precautions For WannaCry Ransomware Malware Virus Attack

Even it is difficult to say how to get a complete protection from WannaCry Ransomware Malware Attack but you can still do some precautions in order to prevent the attack from this widely spread virus.

We would suggest you to upgrade your windows software to the latest version, the patch for which was released in the month of March this year in order to protect yourself from this phising attack of WannaCry affecting the whole world. The reason for this is that the vulnerability was found in the older versions of the Microsoft’s Windows and not in the latest version. Other protection & prevention measures you should follow are :

  • First of All Keep Your System Updated. If not update it now.
  • Now keep track of all mails in your account. If you found any sender unrecognized then Don’t Try To Open That Suspicious mail.
  • While browsing the internet don’t click on links that looks spammy to you.

How To Remove It ?? Is It Possible ??

So many of the affected PC owners & other users might be thinking of is there any way to protect yourself from this attack ?? Or Is there any Antivirus Software Program / Anti-malware made for WannaCry Ransomware virus / malware to give protection from its attack?? So here is the answer.

We don’t think there is any way Protection against Ransomware for now. However you might get protection with a slight chance if you have installed some advanced anti-virus programs in your PC. Or may be by entering into safe mode and removing those files manually might help you.

Mac Users Vulnerable Or Not From Wannacry Ransomware Attack

As told above the tool ‘Eternal Blue’ gives access to the PCs having Microsoft software only so Mac Users are safe from this WannaCrypt Attack of Ransomware for now.

Is There Any Chance Attackers Can Be Caught

Yes there are chances that this hacker group called “Shadow Brokers” may got caught. However it is difficult as the transactions being done through Bitcoin currency. But the reason why they can be caught is that some  security professionals say that it is totally traceable at which address the Bitcoin is going to and that the investigation on the ransomware’s code will be made which will definitely lead to them.

What you have to say on this Ransomware Virus Attack ?? Is there any Antivirus that can give protection from this attack and protect you from getting affected ??? Tell us your views on this. Below is the comment section provided for you to interact. LIKE FB PAGE of SUNOBAWA to get more updates on this topic and spread the news among your friends.

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