Watch the latest Trailer of Alien:Covenant a sequel of Prometheus (2012)

Watch Trailer of Alien:Covenant 6th movie in Alien franchise released on YouTube. Alien 6 Sequel Of Prometheus(2016) and will be on Theaters next year in 2017. See movie story and star cast for Alien 6 here at and share on FACEBOOK with your Friends. If you haven’t LIKE our FACEBOOK PAGE Do like it for more entertaining news.

Alien : Covenant Movie Official Trailer 2017 Watch Here


Few Days ago 20th century Fox uploaded The Trailer of Alien:Covenant 6th Movie in Alien franchise and Sequel of Prometheus(2012). The trailer got tremendous positive response and people are eagerly waiting for Movie to Release . The Movie Releasing on May 19 2017 and it will give some answer to question which is left on previous Movie Prometheus(2012). It is the second movie in trilogy which is follow by one more movie in the Alien Prequel Trilogy .

 20thAlien Covenant Movie Star Cast Director

The movie Alien:Covenant just  follow the story of previous movie Prometheus just after the Dr. Shaw and Android David 8 leave the moon LV-223 in Engineer ship to go to Creator Planet in order to find out why they want to Destroy the humanity. The movie is Directed by Ridley Scott who also directed the Prometheus and The Very First Movie in Alien(1979) in Alien Franchise and Set the Trend of Space Horror Alien Movies .The story is written by John logan a Academy Award winning writer .

 Alien Covenant Movie Story Plot 2017 ~ Alien-6

The Plot as Follow : Bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, the crew of the colony ship Covenant find what they believe to be an uncharted paradise. What the crew discover is a dark, dangerous world, inhabited by the “synthetic” David , the sole survivor of the doomed Prometheus expedition, and monstrous creatures that are hunting them.

Alien: Covenant Watch Official Trailer Released On YouTube

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