This Is Why Bahubali Prabhas Rejected Brand Endorsement Deal Worth Rs 18 Crores

The film that created history in Indian Cinema with records made by it, Bahubali 2 has already made Indians proud. And now the hero of the movie, our very own Prabhas has also done something which will make you respect him even more.

With the great success of the Bahubali 2  film in Box Office, Prabhas got a great fame all over the country & world. And this is also the reason he has become a first choice of Big Brands for the endorsement of their products.

Reason Why Prabhas Rejected Rs 18 Crore Deal

Brands are continuously trying to contact him for they believe that his popularity will lead to a great hike in their their product sale because of his great fan following. The reason being the magic that Bahubali 2 is doing on viewers and creating the new records.

Even Prabhas’ spokesperson revealed that right from FMCG products, to fitness, shoes and apparel brands, the companies are quite keen on making the actor their brand ambassador.

But it seems, that Prabhas is not at all interested in such big offers. That is the reason he has not accepted the single deal and rejected all of them.

Seeing his popularity & craziness among fans a brand recently one such brand approached the South Superstar for a lucrative endorsement deal. They offered him with a whopping 18 crore brand endorsement deal. His spokeperson says,

“Yes, Prabhas has been approached by several brands. Although he hasn’t agreed to any of them as of now, he has declined a whopping 18 crore worth of brand endorsement.”

So Why Prabhas Is Not Doing Brand Endorsement Deals ~ Advertisements

If you are also wondering why the superstar from the epic film Bahubali 1 & 2, Prabhas is not doing the brand endorsements deals and any advertisements for the big brands and that too the deals that are giving him in Millions ?? So here is the reason

The reason is simple that he wants to concentrate on his next movie “Sahoo”. According to him an actor must concentrate on one thing at a time.

He is only committed to his work in his upcoming movie and does not want any other thing to get him distracted. Even though he was getting a huge amount by signing the deal, but he rejected them all for this reason.

This is not the first time we have seen him showing this kind of positive attitude. Yes, During the shoot of Bahubali he gave 5 years of hard work to the Director SS Rajamouli and didn’t even complained. In between he was offered Rs 10 Crore endorsement deal of from a vehicle company but he rejected that deal for this same reason and dedication.

Even director also told in an interview that Prabhas during the shoot of second part let go of an endorsement worth 10 crores, as he wanted to concentrate on the film.

So what do you think of his this attitude of concentrating on one thing at a time giving 100% to it ?? Tell us below in the comment section. Don’t forget to like the FB page of SunoBawa.

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