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WWE Wrestlemania 33 : Undertaker Will Never Return To The Ring After This Incident

The Deadman from the Valley Of Death, Underatker has always been a mystery for all his fans and haters as well. All those who are great fan of this WWE Superstar will be sad to know that he will no longer be the part of World Wrestling Entertainment.

During the Wrestlemania Fight 33 fans saw that incident which no one has thought ever. Undertaker who is famous for comeback even after death will never be seen in the rings anymore. Check here what is the reason and what has happened in the Wrestle Mania 33 to Under Taker.

Wrestle Mania Under Taker Left WWE Forever

During his fight with the another young Superstar of WWE, Roman Reigns he got defeated badly. And after this defeat he said good bye to his WWE career.

Roman with his spear and his famous move Super-Man Punch, Under Taker can’t withheld on ring and got defeated. And as soon as he lost the match he put his Jacket & Hat on the ring and give sign of his retirement from WWE. Seeing this incident, all his fans got a shock.

Last year he was also defeated by Brock Lesanar in Wrestle Mania 30. Now his stats is 23-2 in Wrestle Mania and it is still a record.

9 Unknown Facts About Under Taker The Dead Man

  • Undertaker in his first fight had his name “Texas Red” but after his defeat in the very first match he changed his name to Under Taker.
  • In WCW he made his debut with name Egg Man.
  • He has a very unusual fear. Yes,Under Taker is always afraid of Cucumber.
  • In his whole career in World Wrestling Entertainment he has won more than 100 titles. He is known as most successful fighter in WWE.
  • Once, Under Taker had grabbed the throat of Kurt Angle outside WWE ring in which Kurt Angle was almost dead.
  • In “Brother Of Destruction” with his brother he had won Tag Team Championship with his brother Kane. They together had won 7 times  Tag Team Championship
  • He is the only wrestler who had won 3 Heavy Weight Championship during 1991 & 1993 without losing even a single match. This is also a world record.
  • Under Taker during his career has also been part of 2 Hollywood Movies. He has worked in Hollywood movies “Sub Urban Commando” & “Beyond The Mat”.

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